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Record-breaking Box Office and Weight Loss: A Look at the Success of Jia Ling and ‘Hot and Spicy’ in the Spring Festival 2024

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Spring Festival 2024 Breaks Box Office Records with “Hot and Spicy” Leading the Charge

The Spring Festival in 2024 made history with two significant records being set. Firstly, the Spring Festival box office exceeded 8 billion yuan, surpassing all previous records. Secondly, Jia Ling’s film “Hot and Spicy” dominated the box office with 2.7 billion yuan in just 8 days, showcasing the popularity and success of the movie.

Jia Ling, known for her comedic talent, has once again proven her prowess in the film industry. Her debut film “Hello, Li Huanying” faced tough competition in 2019 but managed to secure a spot among the top three highest-grossing films in history. With “Hot and Spicy”, Jia Ling took on the challenge of extreme weight loss for her role, demonstrating her dedication to the craft.

The film, adapted from the Japanese movie “One Hundred Dollar Love”, tells the story of a character’s journey towards self-improvement. Jia Ling not only transformed physically for the role but also delved into the emotional depth of her character, Le Ying, creating a nuanced portrayal that resonated with audiences.

“Hot and Spicy” is a comedy-drama with a tragic undertone, exploring themes of self-discovery and perseverance. Jia Ling’s performance in the film has been praised for its authenticity and depth, further solidifying her position as a versatile actress and director.

On the other hand, veteran director Zhang Yimou made a strong comeback with his film “Article 20”, which garnered critical acclaim for its realistic portrayal of social issues. The film’s intricate plot and ensemble cast added depth to the narrative, making it a standout feature during the Spring Festival season.

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Despite the success of these films, the season also saw a record number of withdrawals, with four out of eight films being pulled from circulation. This trend of sudden withdrawals or poor box office performance has become common in the industry, highlighting the challenges faced by filmmakers in a competitive market.

Overall, the Spring Festival of 2024 was a mix of triumphs and setbacks, showcasing the diversity and talent within the Chinese film industry. With films like “Hot and Spicy” and “Article 20” making a mark, audiences can look forward to more compelling stories and performances in the future.


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