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Record-Breaking Summer Box Office: Chinese Films Dominate the Market with 7.3 Billion Yuan

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CCTV News: The summer movie market has experienced a surge in popularity this year, thanks to the release of numerous blockbuster movies. According to statistics, the box office for this summer has already surpassed 7.3 billion yuan.

A visit to a movie theater in the Haidian District of Beijing revealed a bustling scene, with the halls adorned with movie posters of various genres and excited moviegoers streaming in.

One audience member who watched “In the Octagonal Cage”, directed by Wang Baoqiang, shared their experience, stating that the movie was incredibly moving and emphasized the importance of cherishing the present. This sentiment was echoed by many others.

The theater’s management informed reporters that the daily box office revenue has been consistently setting new records since the start of the summer season.

Li Huyu, the person in charge of a theater in Beijing, reported that the box office data for this year’s summer holiday season has witnessed a faster growth rate compared to previous years. He mentioned that the daily box office revenue of theaters has reached an impressive 160,000 yuan.

In terms of box office rankings, the domestic suspense film “The Missing Girl” currently holds the top spot, with a record-breaking box office of over 3.1 billion yuan. Following closely behind is the domestic feature film “In the Octagonal Cage,” which has generated over 1 billion yuan in revenue. The foreign film “Transformers: Rise of Heroes” rounds up the top three with a box office of 640 million yuan.

With such impressive figures, it is evident that this year’s summer movie market has captivated audiences across the country and contributed significantly to the overall growth of the film industry.

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Original title: The total box office of the summer film market has exceeded 7.3 billion yuan
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