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Recovering the effective innovation of cultural variety shows, “Beautiful Years Study Club” “shows” history jqknews

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Recovering the effective innovation of cultural variety shows, “Beautiful Years Study Club” “shows” history jqknews

How long has it been since you watched a shocking cultural show? The Wenzhong track looks like a blowout, but in fact it lacks innovation and has few boutiques, making it difficult to inspire young people to form empathy. So are the creators collectively rotten?

It doesn’t seem to be the case either. Recently, the first youth cultural and cultural variety show “Beautiful Years Study Club” created by Mango TV has aroused widespread heated discussions after landing on Mango TV and Hunan Satellite TV, achieving a win-win situation in popularity, topics and reputation. The program provides a high-quality model for the “effective innovation” of cultural variety shows.

The high-profile cultural aesthetics, the unique perspective of young circles, and the innovative ideas of promoting traditional virtues and traditional culture have made “Beautiful Years Study Club” attracted attention as soon as it was broadcast. Relying on the young hard-core content, “Beautiful Nianhua Study Club” quickly went out of the circle with #見好年華学社learn#, #Liu Yan interprets Sun Shou’s life# and other hot topics.

  Describe the characteristics of youth culture of young groups

Delineate the value identity of the youth circle

The first thing that must be affirmed is the unique and infectious youth culture background of “Beautiful Years Study Club”. It is not difficult for those who follow Mango TV to find that in recent years, the platform has been cultivating the youthful expression of content, striving to persevere and innovate, and as a result, it has hatched many original head-to-head variety shows, such as “Riding the Wind and Waves” IP, “Brother Overcoming Toughness”, etc. And so on, they are very popular inside and outside the industry, especially among young audiences.

With the platform’s own youthful genes, it seems logical that “Beautiful Years Study Club” stands out now. Judging from the program mode and the lineup of guests alone, “Beautiful Years Study Club” has already appeared unique and outstanding in the cultural and comprehensive track. The program gathered 12 outstanding young people who have both front-end performance and behind-the-scenes creative thinking. They are full of enthusiasm for Chinese history and culture, and with the vision of pioneering, innovative and inheritance, they study traditional Chinese aesthetics and traditional Chinese characters with the audience. And hand in homework show in learning and communication.

Young people, do young things, and strive for the yearning and love in their hearts. The creative logic of “Beautiful Years Study Club” is very aesthetically pleasing to young audiences, and it is easy to gain a sense of value recognition from the young circle.

Judging from the two episodes that have been broadcast, the 12 young members have unique perspectives and novel forms in the process of study, making history, culture and characters brilliantly reborn, stepping on the aesthetic frontier of the times. Zhao Feiyan, a famous dancer, Sun Shou, a representative of beauty makeup, Yu Ji, the originator of tragic aesthetics, and Huang Yueying, the woman behind the eldest brother… From the perspectives of the study assignments of the four historical figures submitted by the program, all of them are in line with modern communication hotspots, and young people are interested in and recognized values. For example, in the love between Huang Yueying and Zhuge Liang, you draw pictures and I make them. You charge into battle and I will be the strongest backing. This kind of “double-strength love”, which is each other’s effective “tools”, is very in line with the contemporary young people’s concept of love, and the attitude of the program output is very “top-up” “.

The theme of the first issue of “Dream Back to the Han Dynasty”, Zhao Feiyan’s life makes us realize the luck of women “living in the moment”, and encourages us to generate the internal drive energy of self-improvement. And Sun Shou’s story teaches us not to be afraid of becoming a “special case of the times”. Self-recognition and brave expression may open up a new window of life for us.

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In the second issue of “Gone with the Wind”, in the eyes of Wang Yiren, Xiao Qiao is gentle, lively, cute, and eccentric. Her examination of Xiao Qiao proves the diversity of young people’s interpretation of history. The shaping of Yu Ji, from the shape to the art form, has both a sense of historical reality and a visual impact on the stage, especially the interspersed between the second and the third act. The young members used the stage performance of removing the red short veil. The details show the growth and transformation from ancient women to modern women, full of new ideas.

There is appreciation, admiration, reference, and judgment… The insights of young members are sincere and attitude. Many viewpoints have opened up the audience’s thinking, which is very valuable for thinking.

Recovering the effective innovation of cultural variety shows,

From the test before the show, to the output of knowledge points of the homework show, to the multi-dimensional creative presentation of the big show, these outstanding young people use the attitude of Generation Z to interpret the traditional Chinese culture recognized by the youth group , interpreting the trans-temporal energy of Chinese civilization advancing with the times with a youthful aesthetic. “Beautiful Years Study Club” builds a common “language” between history, culture and young people. The program delineates the value identity of the youth circle in the process of dismantling the essence of the national style and demonstrating cultural attitudes.

In addition to the theme setting in line with the aesthetics of the times, “Beautiful Years Study Club” also has a sense of youthful vitality in the content setting. For example, the first phase of the “Shape Show” of the Han Dynasty created a Hanfu award full of cultural heritage, reproduced ancient scenes in an interesting form, and transformed knowledge into interest for output.

The homework show in the second episode of the program even played a new trick in the “tide” style of youth. In the show “Concubine Yu”, Chinese costumes and folk drums echoed across time and space on the same stage, interpreting the sad story of the overlord and Concubine Yu in a different way; soldiers sang dialect folk songs during the war, setting off the tragic atmosphere of the war to Extreme; Yu Ji, played by Zhang Yuqi, is dressed in a red dress, which forms a strong contrast with the human wall built by the soldiers. It truly restores the love, hate and sorrow of “Gone with the Wind” for the audience… Classical and modern, strength and impact, superimposed a unique cultural stage.

There is no shortage of high-quality and youthful shows in “Beautiful Years Study Club”. In the “Huang Yueying” female group portrait show of the Three Kingdoms, the performance is based on the ideal of Diao Chan, Sun Shangxiang, and Xiao Qiao’s other half as an introduction, perfectly connecting the concept of love and the spirit of female self-awakening. The show is full of young people’s love yearning and attitude towards life , unique style, full of creativity.

It is not difficult to find that after watching the two episodes of the program, “Beautiful Years Study Club” really presents the excellent genes of “education and entertainment” of Mango cultural variety shows incisively and vividly.

  Connecting history and culture with art forms

High-profile aesthetic exhibition multicultural attitude

The inheritance of traditional history and culture has never depended on “screaming”, but “perception”. Compared with didactic-style cultural dissemination, it is undoubtedly more meaningful to let the audience really immerse themselves in the torrent of that era and let them perceive and understand for themselves. “Beautiful Years Study Club” takes a unique approach, leading the audience to return to history in the form of “time and space overlap” experience, connecting the splendid and colorful culture with diverse art forms, allowing the audience to experience the collision and fusion of history and reality, and the bursting out wonderful chemical reaction.

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Recovering the effective innovation of cultural variety shows,

For example, the opening of the show, the two episodes are still full of freshness. The members of the tour group dressed in various Han clothes and clothes came out slowly. Their makeup and hair were exquisite and retro, and their postures were tall and straight. During the process of entering the venue, they chatted in a low voice or waved a fan. The “comrades” seated in the auditorium also looked up and watched with the attitude of the ancients. At that moment, we seemed to be scattered in time and space, and the ancient and the modern overlapped. Han Dynasty.

The second phase of the Yu Ji show opened. The audience was separated by a time and space from Xiang Yu and Yu Ji, and Xiang Yu and Yu Ji were separated by another time and space. The interlacing of time and space makes the picture full of imagination and tragic feeling. This artistic conception-style expression of technological flow “overlaps in time and space” has opened a new door for history and culture. History and today, tradition and modernity have a wonderful chemical reaction, bursting out a novel brilliance, and people’s thoughts are absorbed at that moment. Freeze.

In addition to the “overlapping time and space” viewing experience, “Beautiful Nianhua Study Club” also covers a variety of artistic expressions such as physical examinations, music, dance, drama, fashion shows, etc., and uses high-profile aesthetics to show diversified. cultural attitude. For example, a thorough examination will bring new vitality to the boring historical knowledge and cultural common sense – “Which of the Eastern Han Dynasty and the Western Han Dynasty is longer from now?” “Does the man have anything to do with the Han Dynasty?” Who is this queen?” “Is it Xiang Yu or Jing Ke who killed Liu Bang with a sword at the Hongmen Banquet?” The seemingly serious historical knowledge was played with a new stalk by the show. Watching the young members answering the questions, the audience wondered. Unconsciously, the “seed” of knowledge was planted.

In addition, the diverse performance methods mixed in the theme work show also meet the differentiated aesthetic needs of different audiences. In Sun Shouxiu, the musical “Song of Makeup” is full of creativity, and the beauty show and knowledge quiz are interpreted perfectly and interestingly in the actors’ singing and performances. And Sun Shou’s press conference kept up with the trend of the times, and the on-site teaching of “bend the waist” and “carious laughter” made the interaction to the extreme.

Another example is Yu Ji’s show, which first introduced the theme of “Gone with the Wind” in the form of a theater performance with artistic conception, and then staged dance dramas and musicals. The show is unique and creative in the display of history and culture.

Although only two episodes were broadcast, “Beautiful Years Study Club” has been stamped by many netizens as “high-profile, high-style, and elegant”, which is naturally inseparable from the always-on-line aesthetics of the program’s chief director Zhang Yibei and his team. force. The representatives they created such as “The More Tactics Are Happier” and “The Beauty of Chinese Etiquette Every Day Upward” not only spread traditional culture and civilized etiquette, but also conveyed the wisdom of growth through entertainment and a relaxed and pleasant attitude towards life to the public. With such a hard-core behind-the-scenes team continuing to empower the show, the future of “Beautiful Years Study Club” is worth looking forward to.

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Recovering the effective innovation of cultural variety shows,

  Facilitate the inheritance and innovation of traditional culture

Carry forward noble virtues and lead the industry track

“Every one of us is an inheritor, that is, we catch what our ancestors handed down, and then pass it on.” In the program, Wang Han’s remarks expressed the aspirations of cultural workers, “To pass on the things that have inheritance value. Things become valuable for dissemination” is also the original intention of the program “Beautiful Years Study Club”.

The program’s innovative and pioneering perspective on traditional culture selection is evident. Compared with the serious and rigid grand narratives of many cultural programs, “Beautiful Years Study Club” combines the aesthetic power, fashion sense, artistry and historical knowledge of the five thousand years of Chinese civilization. Display it in a form that is easy for young people to accept, so that the cultural essence with inheritance value can release the value of communication and practical significance.

For example, the ancient Chinese etiquette system was popularized through Hanfu, and a positive view of love was conveyed to young people with the help of the love stories of women in the Three Kingdoms. The program spreads and inherits the most quintessential content of traditional culture through a new perspective that fits the aesthetics of contemporary young circles and is most acceptable to young people, so that young people can feel the charm of Chinese civilization and increase their cultural confidence.

The value of cultural and artistic works should not only have the grand theme, the comprehensive dimension and the profound significance, but also how to dig out the most essential, valuable and empathetic content in the profound traditional culture. , and then use innovative forms to effectively disseminate it, and fully achieve “small but beautiful”.

The reason why “Beautiful Years Study Club” can quickly get out of the circle and is loved by young people is not only the artistic value, but also because the program has both social value and industry value, which lays a solid foundation for the quality of the program. Let’s talk about social value first. In the process of excavating and inheriting traditional culture, “Beautiful Years Study Club” has realized the cross-time and space connection between tradition and the trend of the times, and opened a green channel for young people to understand history and culture and learn traditional noble virtues. Further enhance cultural self-confidence.

Recovering the effective innovation of cultural variety shows,

As the show said, “We have a history and culture of a great country for five thousand years. We have a sense of responsibility. We should tell more young people what our culture is.”

Looking at the value of the industry, although the cultural and comprehensive track seems to be diversified in recent years, for example, this year, there have been many relatively novel subdivisions focusing on folk culture, writers’ creation and competition, national trend design, and humanistic exploration. Ultimately, this is just a stepping stone. To truly make a work a dark horse and form audience stickiness, we need to be like “Beautiful Years Study Club”, while further broadening the diversity of the cultural and comprehensive track, we must also achieve industry innovation and the leadership of youth culture, and use our strength to conquer those A young man who is imaginative and full of desire to explore cultural unknowns. From this perspective, “Beautiful Years Study Club” does provide a new model for the innovation and development of literary variety shows, and the industry value is remarkable. (Text/Ai Rui)

责编:张晓荣 ]

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