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Red and Vespa united against AIDS and pandemics

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ROME – The first of December, starting from 1988, is the world day against AIDS. This particular anniversary therefore represents an important opportunity for Red, a solidarity association founded in 2006 by Bono and Bobby Shriver, to highlight its support for the fight against pandemics such as AIDS and Covid. The humanitarian association, to date, has raised nearly seven hundred million dollars all donated to the Global Fund, one of the world‘s leading donors of health initiatives on a global scale. An important help because thanks to donations like these it has been possible to offer concrete support to more than 220 million people around the world. A mission shared by Vespa which in 2016 joined Red in the fight for a world in which every human being, wherever they are, can have access to essential health services and life-saving treatments.

The fruit of this partnership has resulted in the creation of the Vespa Red collection and a range of accessories and merchandising which, among other things, in this holiday period, could represent an opportunity for a useful and supportive gift. The “fil rouge” that binds Vespa to Red will then be further strengthened next year when the Vespa Elettrica Red will be launched, the most modern icon of Italian technology, synonymous with advanced connectivity and silence, which represents a double expression of sustainability by combining the environmental one. and the social one. Similarly to the other products in the Vespa Red collection, the livery of the “mother” of all the scooters is colored in a red as special as it is generous, that is, for each item purchased, a sum is donated to the Global Fund, because even the smallest help can make the difference. In short, one more reason to draw heavily from the Vespa Red collection. (Maurilio Rigo)


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