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Red mysterious new product exposure. What does the Keep brand spokesperson wear on the wrist?

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Original title: Red mysterious new product exposed. What does the Keep brand spokesperson wear on the wrist?

On August 8, the official of the sports technology brand Keep announced that Yi Yang Qianxi became the brand spokesperson and invited thousands of self-disciplined people to exercise happily and sweat for their love. At the same time, Keep’s official Weibo released two branded TVCs, calling on users to accumulate energy to move forward at their own pace and keep as they please.

However, sharp-eyed netizens have found that in these two versions of TVC, Yi Yang Qianxi wears a variety of Keep’s own brand sports products, except for the Keep sports bracelet B2, Keep spinning C1 Pro, and Keep spinning bikes currently on sale. Yoga mats, headbands, sportswear, etc. Among the many products, there are a few that have not been seen before. As a result, some conjectures arose.

The new color is Burning Red? The spokesperson’s B2 bracelet opens pre-sale

First of all, it was discovered by netizens that the color of the sports bracelet that appeared on Yi Yang Qianxi’s wrist in TVC was not previously known to users, but was replaced with a bright red. Later, some hard-working friends found traces of this product on the e-commerce platform where Keep is located.

As shown in the screenshots, this product is the Keep sports smart bracelet B2 with burning power red color, and the price is the same as the regular version at 169 yuan. In terms of functions, it is also the same as the conventional B2 bracelet, including 24-hour heart rate monitoring, blood oxygen monitoring, sleep monitoring, etc., and also supports linkage with software-side courses and interactive experience of game lessons, making exercise add a lot of fun .

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Mysterious new product exposes suspected new Keep bracelet

Of course, in addition to the B2 bracelet with Burning Red color, there is another bracelet product that looks completely different from B2 in TVC. Some netizens are speculating whether this will be the next generation of the Keep sports smart bracelet?

Judging from the screenshot of the video, the dial of this new product is larger than that of the B2. While the user uses the Keep spinning bike to exercise, the heart rate can still be monitored in real time. For the boxing game class, the new product can also support induction, so it seems to be able to judge that this product should be an upgraded model based on the B2 bracelet. In terms of color matching, it also has the same red style in the video of Keep brand spokesperson Yi Yang Qianxi, which may also be named Ranli Red.

In recent years, Keep has continued to promote “quality content” and “sports technology“, continue to participate in the co-construction of social sports infrastructure, and is committed to popularizing sports and health concepts, providing scientific fitness guidance, and promoting national fitness. The new product exposed in TVC is believed to be a brand new attempt and bold innovation of “sports technology” in sports smart bracelets, coupled with the blessing of the same style of Yiyang Qianxi, will my friends get a point more? Looking forward to it?

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