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Refining the true nature of the People’s Literature and Art Award- Comments- China Gongwang.com

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Refining the true nature of the People’s Literature and Art Award- Comments- China Gongwang.com

Original title: Refining the true nature of the People’s Literature and Art Award

The 31st China TV Golden Eagle Awards and the 14th China Golden Eagle TV Art Festival have recently aroused heated discussions among audiences. Expressions such as “all expectations” and “wind direction change” have become high-frequency words when people talk. This year’s Golden Eagle Award selection has won praise from all walks of life, making people once again feel the unparalleled influence of TV art in contemporary art. The fundamental reason is that this is a literary and art award that hits the pulse of the times and resonates with the people. Its success shows us that only by tempering the true nature of the People’s Literature and Art Award and letting the people’s character be implemented throughout the awards and festivals is the right way and a more brilliant future.

In the ten years of the new era, relevant departments have stepped up efforts to organize and create, continue to strengthen the planning, guidance and support of major themed TV works, and promote the overall prosperity of TV works in various categories, types, themes, and styles. The vast number of TV art workers adhere to the people-centered creative orientation, embrace the times with deep affection, and take root in the hot life. After several years of hard work and dedication, the TV art industry in my country has set off a creative climax of talents and excellent works. The fruitful results of the high-quality development of these TV arts are concentrated in the nomination ceremony and awards ceremony of this year’s China TV Golden Eagle Awards, making this year’s awards a grand gathering of high-quality works, an art of choosing the best from the best and the best from the best. Selection. We firmly believe that the people are the makers and judges of history. We insist on awarding and holding festivals to reflect the unity of correct orientation, people’s expectations and professional standards. Facts have proved that such original intention and persistence have received positive feedback. Through the awards festival ceremony, the Golden Eagle Award not only successfully demonstrated the harvest of TV professionals in the past two years, but also successfully communicated with the TV industry and the people, reached empathy and built consensus. Especially for “The World” selected the best actor, actress, best director, excellent TV series and other awards in one fell swoop, creating a precedent in history and achieving the highlight moment of this awards ceremony. It is the best example of a national award that combines professionalism and thoughtfulness.

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This year’s Golden Eagle Awards have been well received, and it is also closely related to the new creation and production environment after the comprehensive management of the entertainment field in recent years. The new industry atmosphere and environment have allowed many powerful and emotional TV works and artists to stand on the podium, adding luster to art and expressing their feelings for the people. De-trafficization is an important aspect of people’s praise for this year’s Golden Eagle Awards. Flow is a neutral technical indicator. However, when it becomes the main evaluation standard of film and television works, so-called traffic stars and traffic works will be born, which constitutes an impact on the construction of a multi-evaluation system, especially the mainstream values, triggering the frenzy of the fan economy and the proliferation of fan circle culture, and the illegality of entertainers Unethical behaviors occur from time to time, seriously disrupting the normal order of the cultural industry and hindering the healthy development of the television industry. Against this background, in the past two years, the relevant central departments have concentrated on controlling the chaos in the field of entertainment, and effectively regulated the order of the industry through multiple and comprehensive measures. As an important starting point for the China Federation of Literary and Art Circles and the China Television Association to lead and guide the fashion of the TV industry, the Golden Eagle Award adheres to the spirit of self-innovation and self-transcendence. Promote the health of cultural and entertainment ecology to play a demonstration and guiding role.

This year’s Golden Eagle Awards embodies de-trafficization in the entire process of the awards and festivals, highlighting the concern for the social benefits and aesthetic value of the works, insisting on letting the works speak, let the strength speak, and let the feelings move. In the part of the public to participate in the voting, this year’s Golden Eagle Awards optimized the voting procedures in a timely manner, and adjusted the original three rounds of voting to two rounds. While respecting the wishes of the audience, it effectively avoided problems such as online ticket swiping. The final result is formed by comprehensively considering the opinions of the members of the China Television Association and the experts of the final evaluation committee, reflecting the principles of scientific, reasonable and fair awards. Such adjustments will also help guide audiences, especially young audiences, to watch dramas rationally, focusing on actors’ acting skills and the quality of dramas to make aesthetic judgments. Under the combination of awards and festivals, this year’s Golden Eagle Awards has targetedly planned and designed a symposium on the construction of professional ethics and style in the TV industry. Famous writers and artists go to the grass-roots level to experience the great changes in the mountains and villages in the new era. Leading TV literature and art Workers practice the people-centered creative orientation, strengthen self-cultivation and self-discipline, and jointly maintain a new industry trend in the new era.

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Behind the rave reviews of the Golden Eagle Awards and the Golden Eagle Festival is the organizer’s hard work in insisting on making the People’s Literature and Art Awards highlight the concept of people’s nature and making various innovations. Under the new historical position, insisting on people-centered awards and festivals means advocating an equal view of people’s literature and art, which means that all TV art workers and works that serve the people and are loved by the people should be respected and respected. testimonials. On the basis of the same total number of awards, this year’s Golden Eagle Awards will increase the proportion of outstanding works and add a single award for the best host. The former has allowed the outstanding works that have emerged in the past two years to be more affirmed by the People’s Literature and Art Awards, and the latter has brought the TV show host award back to the awards hall after an absence of eight years. With the in-depth advancement of media integration, online audio-visual works have achieved achievements rivaling screen works in terms of quality and scale. In terms of management, Taiwan and network dramas have also achieved unified and standardized management. Therefore, this year’s Golden Eagle Awards no longer list online audio-visual works separately, but treat Taiwanese and online works equally and compete on the same stage. These adjustments reflect the aspirations of the people, and once implemented, they are supported by all parties. The setting of “Golden Eagle Goddess” at the opening ceremony was cancelled, and the best supporting actor and actress award in the awards ceremony was resumed. This increase and decrease have become the highlights of this year’s Golden Eagle Awards selection. The cancellation of “Golden Eagle Goddess” fundamentally dilutes the influence of capital and traffic, and allows good actors who are truly down-to-earth to act and behave seriously to stand under the spotlight. The addition of best supporting actors and actresses conveys the value concept of “there are no small roles, only small actors”.

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Major literary and art awards undertake the mission and responsibility of gathering the power of the literary and art circles, guiding and leading the development of the industry, responding to the voices and expectations of the people, and cheering for the people. To run the people’s Golden Eagle Award well on the new journey, we must always adhere to the people-centered work orientation, stay true to our original aspirations, refine our true qualities, use a high degree of political awareness and cultural self-confidence, and give full play to the positive direction of major awards and festivals Leading power, unite and unite the vast number of TV art workers to hand over to the people more expected literary and artistic answers with fuller enthusiasm and more profound skills.

(Author: Fan Zongchai, Secretary of the Party Group, Vice Chairman and Secretary General of the China Video Association)

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