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Reflecting 150 Years of True Love: NIESSING’s Anniversary Exhibition in Shanghai

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NIESSING Celebrates 150th Anniversary with Spectacular Exhibition

Shanghai, China – On November 3, 2023, NIESSING opened its 150th anniversary exhibition at CITIC Plaza in Shanghai, marking a historic milestone for the renowned jewelry brand. The event was attended by prominent figures from the NIESSING Group, including Kean Ng, President of NIESSING Group, Sandro Erl, President of NIESSING Germany, Lily Lim, Retail and Operations Director of NIESSING Asia Pacific, and Scarlett He, Marketing and Brand Manager of NIESSING Asia Pacific, as well as a host of guests from the industry.

The anniversary exhibition, themed “True Love Comes First,” showcased the brand’s flawless diamonds meticulously crafted by master goldsmiths. The exhibition highlighted the beauty of each facet, symbolizing the sincere and enduring feelings between individuals. The event also featured the participation of Ben Tan, Director of Strategy and Marketing of Platinum Institute International (PGI®), who extended best wishes for NIESSING’s 150th anniversary on behalf of the association.

A notable highlight of the exhibition was the Spannring® series of tension rings, which exemplify NIESSING’s commitment to innovative design and craftsmanship. The tension rings, characterized by their minimalist and elegant design, subtly captured the balance and harmony in love, as well as the enduring strength of platinum as a precious metal.

Since its founding in 1873, NIESSING has upheld the tradition of handcrafted jewelry, ensuring that each piece is a unique and precious work of art. The exhibition showcased the brand’s dedication to traditional craftsmanship, high-tech innovation, and imaginative design, culminating in the perfect blend of tradition and modernity.

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NIESSING’s 150th anniversary exhibition celebrated the brand’s legacy of breaking conventions and delivering original jewelry art to consumers worldwide. The event symbolized the enduring power of love, as reflected in each meticulously crafted piece of jewelry.

As NIESSING continues to pave the way for avant-garde design and exceptional quality, the brand remains a symbol of true love and eternal beauty, offering precious blessings to all who wear its exceptional pieces.

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