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Reflecting the times, the drama “Tongsheng Bookstore” tells about the changes of bookstores-Entertainment-中工网

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Reflecting the times, the drama “Tongsheng Bookstore” tells about the changes of bookstores-Entertainment-中工网

Original title: The Age of Refraction (quote)

Drama “Tongsheng Bookstore” tells about the changes of bookstores (theme)

Beijing Daily News (Reporter Li Li) Yesterday, the original drama “Tongsheng Bookstore” produced by Haidian Federation of Literary and Art Circles held a press conference at the National Theater. The play is directed by Yang Jiayin, a young director of Beijing People’s Arts. He uses his brisk and humorous way to create characters and present story conflicts, creating a strong flavor of the times for the play.

Ye Hongqi, vice chairman of the Haidian Federation of Literary and Art Circles, served as the screenwriter. He reviewed the birth process of the play. “I was studying in Haidian University in the early 1990s, and I often went to bookstores, including Haidian Book City, the book market, especially the famous Wansheng Book Garden. Spread the food.” Therefore, starting from his own experience and feelings, he created the script of the drama “Tongsheng Bookstore”, using the reform and opening up and the development of Zhongguancun as the background, telling the twists and turns of the rise and fall of Tongsheng Bookstore and the fate of related characters Ups and downs, and then reflect the magnificent picture of the turbulent times of this era. He emphasized that “reading first-class books, being a first-class person, and creating a first-class career” are the values ​​advocated by the play.

“The bookstore is a symbol of culture or knowledge. We made this drama to promote reading and value culture in the whole society. If the audience can walk into the bookstore after watching the drama, our goal of making this drama will be achieved.” Director Zhi Miaodi pointed out that this is a work with realistic themes, which aims to explore the relationship between culture and technological progress, culture and social development, and deeply explore the fundamental core of the Zhongguancun spirit.

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The drama “Tongsheng Bookstore” is an upgraded version of the original public drama “Bookstore”. From the script to the performance, it has been rebuilt and deeply adjusted. Director Yang Jiayin said that his task is to tell a good story on the one hand, and to prepare attractive storytelling methods on the other hand. “This drama is not heavy, it will make everyone laugh, touch, and have room for imagination and aftertaste.” He attaches great importance to running through the value concept of “first-class” in the play, and uses “the gap between people may lie in those few This book” and other lines with philosophical speculation are the finishing touch.

The play uses young actors such as Xu Peng, Wang Feifei, Tang Zhengyu, etc., to look back at history through the energetic performances of young people. It is reported that the drama “Tongsheng Bookstore” will be staged three times at the National Theater on January 10 and 11.

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