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Regrets after the serialization of “Slam Dunk” movie version is completed | Takehiko Inoue | Voice actor

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Regrets after the serialization of “Slam Dunk” movie version is completed | Takehiko Inoue | Voice actor

[The Epoch Times, December 06, 2022](Reported by Epoch Times reporter Ma Weifen) The Japanese classic comic “Slam Dunk” made its debut on the big screen. “The First Slam Dunk” was released in Japan on the 3rd and swept 12.9 in the first weekend 100 million yen won the box office championship; the first day of billing 710 million (about 160 million Taiwan dollars) was the second highest record this year.

The classic scene “level crossing in front of Kamakura High School in Kanagawa” once again attracted crowds.

“Slam Dunk The First Slam Dunk” unbanned online event caused a lot of discussion when the voice actors were released, “Doraemon” “Fat Tiger” Subaru Kimura dubbed Sakuragi Hanamichi, “Idol Dream Festival” “Ghost Dragon Red Lang” Kamio Shinichiro voices Rukawa Kaede, “Idol Master SideM” “Tendo Teru” Nakamura Sogo voices Miyagi Ryota, “Gundam Build Fighters Submerged Net Wars” “Kujo Kyōya” Kasama Jun voices Mitsui Toshi, “My Hero Academia” “All Might” Kenta Miyake voices Takenori Akagi.

With the release of the movie, the seiyuu of several main characters were also exposed. Akagi Haruko was interpreted by the beautiful seiyuu “Mobile Suit Gundam SEED DESTINY” “Luna Maria Hawke” Maaya Sakamoto, and coach Anzai was interpreted by “One Piece” ” Voiced by Keshou “Gebel” Treasure Turtle.

It was selected to be released in Japan on December 3, and Takehiko Inoue also shared the story behind it in his personal community.

He mentioned that 18 years ago, on this day in 2004, he used the blackboards of 23 classrooms in an old school building in Kanagawa to draw the manga follow-up, and he was thinking: “I don’t know who will come, if someone It would be great if you came.” He said that he is as grateful now as he was then, from communicating on paper to now contacting more people with his works.

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Movie voice actors, painting styles, stories, songs, etc. have always caused heated discussions on the Internet. As Takehiko Inoue’s first big-screen work, he himself also deciphered it through the community and movie publications before and after the release.

“Slam Dunk The First Slam Dunk” stills. (Provided by Taipei Double Happiness Films)

He said that he didn’t really want to make a movie version at first, but the producer’s unremitting efforts to invite people over the past 10 years was touching, and after the serialization ended that year, not only the fans but also himself had regrets, and he also wanted to do something. Make up for it and make everyone happy, and there are some deep stories and souls of the characters that have not been drawn, so I want to present it to everyone through this movie version.

“Slam Dunk The First Slam Dunk” stills. (Provided by Taipei Double Happiness Films)

This time, the movie uses 3DCG technology to present the “basketball feel” in the memory of the original work. The sweat, the physical reaction of catching the ball, and the shot are all delicately portrayed; the voice actor part, Inoue Takehiko also personally guides and emphasizes not to exaggerate too much Instead, present it in a natural way, paying attention to the feeling of high school basketball players on the court.

The story starts from a “new” perspective, and fills in the story of Miyagi Liangtian that was not drawn in the original work. When “Slam Dunk” was serialized, Takehiko Inoue was in his prime of life between 23 and 29 years old. After 26 years of life experience, his thinking and values ​​must be different from those in his fledgling period.

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Takehiko Inoue, who is 167 cm tall, joined the basketball club at the suggestion of his brother, and he is in the guard position like Ryota Miyagi. It is guessed that the original work also talked to himself through this movie version, so Takehiko Inoue gave the movie Edition “New Life”. Inoue Takehiko also said that he would be satisfied if he could let everyone experience “the first time I saw “Slam Dunk” like this and get back the first touch”.

“The First Slam Dunk” will be released in Taiwan on January 13, 2023.

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