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Rejecting Qiao Simei’s Love Brain Study Song Zuer Carves “Micro-Flaw Aesthetics” into DNA |

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Original Title: Rejecting Qiao Simei’s Love Brain, Learning Song Zuer’s Engraving “Small Flaw Aesthetics” into DNA

Author: Shiraume

Hello, everyone. Recently, I have become more and more able to understand why moms and dads like period dramas so much. Because a good story told with a sense of age can indeed bring people back to that time and space. For example, the recently hit “Children of the Qiao Family”, even today after a generation, still has the intimacy of listening to the story of a family next door, using the story of a small person to reflect and reflect that whole Years.

Although it is not a big production, it is not a big lineup. But even relying on pyrotechnic stories really touches the hearts of many moviegoers, even if it does not rely on marketing or topic.

You can also feel the enthusiasm and hard work of these younger actors from the play, and use a work or a role to let everyone remember themselves. And this time, the most amazing thing for Ruijiang is Joe Simei played by Zuer.

In the play, the four beauties in childhood are clever and very brave. After entering the stage of love and marriage, although she became a bit paranoid and wishful thinking, she suffered so much after being injured many times, but she still maintained the original share. Simei’s “brave”.

To put it this way, there are some “love brains”, but people in the world may not be able to treat love wisely. Simei is such an existence.

The emotional ups and downs also test the actor’s skills. For Zuer, both age and experience are far from the role, but from some small expressions, she can see the progress and precipitation of her acting skills.

The profound meaning of micro-flaw aesthetics

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Most people’s impression of Song Zuer is more of a beautiful child star, but if you want to say a real masterpiece, it seems that you can’t tell a specific work for a while. But from the role of Simei, more people know that Song Zuer is a good actor.

Song Zuer’s beauty has indeed always occupied a special place in Ruijiang’s heart. Her special aura and beauty have a very harmonious balance.

In fact, it is very delicate from the perspective of the five senses. In particular, the amount of bones is high, so the brow bones and mountain roots are tall and tall, but the maxillofacial lines are smooth, compact and compact, which also creates a “fine inspiration” appearance. Many netizens mentioned that Song Zuer and Cecilia Cheung are somewhat alike, which is why.

But why is Song Zu’er’s beautiful image so bad? In fact, it is because her lower half of the face is much smaller than the upper half of the face.

The jaw line tends to be V-shaped, very compact and compact. Although this type of face is photogenic, it seems a little lighter in terms of her obvious bones and mature temperament.

The mouth is also too small. Many people on the Internet call Song Zuer’s mouth “little chicken mouth” because it is too small and the corners of the mouth are sharp, but it has a certain thickness and sensuality.

The “flaw” formed by this inconsistency on Zu Go’s face did not conceal her overall light. The thick and deep eyebrows are slightly upward, and the overall facial features are stretched. Coupled with the modification of makeup and hairstyle, the simple highlights of her own most shining point, the style and the bright and colorful feeling appear.

Modification and weakening, not covering up

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It is normal for us as ordinary people to have some unsatisfactory shortcomings. Therefore, the beauty we need should be to weaken and modify these so-called deficiencies, not to cover them up. You only need to highlight the highlights, so that you can have a unique charm that belongs to your own recognition.

How to deal with “small flaws”?

For different micro-flaw problems, Ruijiang has some small solutions that can be shared with everyone!


Skin “slightly flawed”:

The key is to work well and eat clean food, understand the principles of skin care, and protect the skin. For makeup, choose a foundation that matches the color of your skin, and use concealer to cover up some conspicuous blemishes, leaving the natural original feeling of the skin.


Contour “slightly flawed”:

If it’s a bone problem, I suggest that you look for an artist or blogger that is similar to your facial contour or who has the same problem. Then learn their small methods for facial modification, including but not limited to the way of makeup, the choice of hairstyle, and even the choice of clothes. You can find and summarize some tips that suit you best.


Facial “slightly flawed”:

As I said before, amplify the advantages and weaken the disadvantages. Carve the bright spots more delicately, and use the method of weakening the color and outline to weaken the presence of the “slightly flawed” parts.

Facial harmony is the ultimate meaning of beauty. Pay more attention to your own strengths, and don’t let those “small flaws” become your source of anxiety.


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