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Release Radar: BAIBA, ZINN, PIPPA, MARASKINO, UVM…! – mica

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Release Radar: BAIBA, ZINN, PIPPA, MARASKINO, UVM…!  – mica

The Release Radar is a monthly selection of single releases from the field of pop/rock/electronics made in Austria. The current publications summarized by Dominik Beyer.

Willi Landl – “Lederjackenjunge” (living room records // release 09.06.23)

The genre of modern hits has produced some of the most terrible atrocities in music history. But there was a time when the catchiest, honest, timeless, funniest and most popular songs were associated with exactly this genre. Time to revalue this discredited term.
This is where the all-rounder ties Michael Hornek as a multi-instrumentalist and producer for the single “Lederjackenjunge” by Willi Landl and, as a freelance hit therapist, brings the summer hit with a vintage look to life, not just for every man. Because with the hit, it seems to behave like the leather jacket. Unworn and new, it has as much style as the hit for the Ballermann. In reverse proportionality, on the other hand, the protagonist lures out of the song. “Lederjackenjunge” will be released on 06/09 Living Room Records.

Willi Landl

Commando Elephant – “I’m stopping the time” (Las Vegas Records // release 06/02/2023)

Command Elephant comes with new disc in June. It’s the turn of the album “Sieben”. The single “I stop the time” serves as the last foretaste, combining cheerful electronic dance music with critical lyrics in the usual manner. Created with unpretentious packaging, a relaxed wink and a subtle observation of the present Command Elephant with elements of pop, punk and hits a timeless indie anthem and bow to their adventurous colleagues in the form of quotations The Flaming Lips.

Command Elephant

Agnes Milewski – „Dirtbird“ (Between Music // VÖ 02.06.2023)

A single that promises something big. It has been known for a long time that Agnes Milewski is able to shake strong songs out of her sleeve. But with “Dirtbird” she delivers a number that really combines everything for which the singer-songwriter is so highly regarded: intelligent and suspenseful songwriting, strong melodies that immediately get stuck in your ear canals and an expressive voice that makes every feeling highly authentic way conveyed. Agnes Milewski, who humorously settles accounts with an ex in “Dirtbird”, proves once again why she rightly belongs to the top of the local singer/songwriter scene. You can really look forward to their new album “For The Birds”, which will be released later this year. (Text: Michael Ternai)

Agnes Milewski (Facebook)

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BAIBA – „too cool” (Super Plus Records // VÖ 26.05.23)

In order to look cool, you first have to calm down your emotions. Because they make you unnecessarily vulnerable. Transferred to the music, this is achieved with a disco groove at a fluffy 120 bpm. Like in “Blurred Lines” by Robin Thicke and Pharrell Williams. In addition, a 3-chord pattern of a sequenced synthesizer that sprawls over the verse and chorus. Adaptability is not a quality of coolness. Even better if you don’t have to. For example, because the casual melody line just fits and the refrain still works. But that’s not always the case in life. And that’s what the content says. It’s about people who, out of exaggerated composure, completely forget to be human. Almost “too cool”…


ZINN – “The Capital / Limoncello feat. Minki Mumu” (state act rec. GmbH // release 26.05.23)

A powerful synthesizer bass dominates the band’s current single “Das Kapital”. Zinn and eats up a large part of the frequencies of the hearing spectrum. The drum machines play the march of industrialization – but everything blurs into a roar in the factory’s long hall. Equal to the excessive capitalism that eats up the resources of our earth. One can only guess what the ghostly voices in the background want to say. A lot of people think they already know. This song is dedicated to everyone else.
Capitalism, you’ve had enough! Because all you have to do is grow and mutate into a monster rubbing your hands, knowing that people always crave more. Zinn in any case longs for a new age. More precisely, the “Chthuluzen”. An empathetic epoch in which we take the needs of our ecosystem at least as seriously as we currently take the stock index – regardless of the consequences.
Content inspired by the book by Donna Haraway entitled “Staying Uneasy: The Kinship of Species in the Chthuluzän” is not just the song, but the entire album “Chthuluzän”, which will be released in autumn 2023.

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Pande – „Speedrunning“ (Blank Spots Records // VÖ 24.05.23)

Dominik “Pande” Pandelidis is best known as the frontman of the laurels, as well as Austrian acts known as video makers. Now his own solo EP is finished. The first single “Speedrunning” can be heard in advance. That’s what it’s called when someone plays through a computer game in the shortest possible time or wants to give their song a socially critical metaphor. Triggered by the meritocracy that surrounds us. In the imagination of a savvy gambler, every 8th note strummed on a grungy guitar removes an item from the long to-do list, making room for the important things in the life of a thirty-year-old teenager.


Pippa – “Feuer” (Parramatta // VÖ 19.05.23)

“See how it burns? (Oh, oh) Everything that holds us. At the edge of the world.” Depending on your perspective, the edge of the world could actually be anywhere. And that’s exactly where it burns more and more often. So far too often. Literally even where there is no forest at all. So it’s high time to write a song about this matter in order to prevent the worst of this greatest threat to mankind. Armed with a surefire chorus line and galloping killer groove, Asphalt Cowgirl digs Pippa to the battle cries of the indigenous population of America, the hatchet is out and the “fire” declares war. Best at night, when the environment is asleep and the heat doesn’t overwhelm you. Appeared on the second full-player “Blick” from Pippa.


Felix Kramer – “You” (Phat Penguin // release 05.05.2

On May 5th “Sie” was released, the last pre-single of the Viennese singer-songwriter Felix Kramer. Accompanied by the rhythm of a solo entertainer keyboard and melancholic strings, the arrangement transports a feeling of loneliness. With an ironic style à la Ludwig Hirsch sings Felix Kramer appropriately of self-pity.
Caused by the unresolved fear of speaking to the desirable and better-looking counterpart. In a similarly cynical way, Herbert Grönemeyer commented on the verses in his song “Self-pity” in 1998 – sorry, sorry, sorry. The album “Oh how beautiful life is” was released on May 26th, 2023 Phat Penguin.

Felix Kramer

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Maraskino – “Asphalt” (jhruza records // VÖ 28.04.23)

“Bobfahrerlied” in the contemporary porn pop version, or the soundtrack for the raunchy after-hours? The new single “Asphalt” by Maraschino tells of all kinds of intimate desires. We are the women with a tough job – and we drive the … truck! Eh sure. Nancy Nuclear takes over the microphone from Melody Maraschino and invites you to a sweetheart’s lesson in the dark room of their driver’s cabin. As a lonesome trucker, this can be very romantic even without the presence of another person.
Satisfied, she then continues on the escapist highway in the direction of matriarchy, overriding traditional ideas of gender and sexuality norms like inveterate role models. Insofar as these have not disappeared behind all mountains after the third horn. And please stay there.


You can find many more new releases in this playlist on YouTube!

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