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Release Radar: CHRISTL, PRESSYES, BAIBA, HUND, and much more… – mica

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Release Radar: CHRISTL, PRESSYES, BAIBA, HUND, and much more… – mica

The Release Radar is a monthly selection of single releases from the pop/rock/electronic sector made in Austria.

Miss Astrid – “TWO YEARS” (release 12/01/23)

“TWO YEARS” is the name of the new single from Miss Astrid. A song about a breakup and the positive effects of letting go. Marie Kondo for the soul, so to speak. And those who leave the usual path after a separation usually tread the new terrain a little more cautiously. This is also reflected musically in this case. Airily arranged with a touch of Far Eastern mindfulness. J-Pop made in Austria.
On the celebratory occasion of publication Miss Astrid on December 1st live in Graz Antoniuskirche to see and hear.

Miss Astrid

HUND – “Kalter Rauch” (Las Vegas Records // Release December 1st, 2023)

“Kalter Rauch” by HUND is the second release and, as the title suggests, now in German. The melancholic text is harmoniously accompanied by the vocoder. The voices of the synthesizer pad glide from chord to chord of the stable, sentimentality-guaranteed pattern. The electronic percussions give the voices an enormous amount of space, atmospherically underline the coolness of the content and leave enough energy reserves to fully discharge themselves in the chorus. This makes the song an absolute all-rounder for playlists, radio and stage.

HUND (Las Vegas Records)

Pressyes – „Moving on“ (Morinoko // VÖ 01.12.’23)

“Moving on” is the sound for the traveler in you. Pressyes, whose sound usually always radiates a noticeable lightness, would therefore always make an appropriate soundtrack for a Jack Kerouac film adaptation. True to the motto “Live, travel, adventure, bless, and don’t be sorry”.
You can also hear from “Moving On” that this lightness is not so easy to switch on at the moment. “Can we be like the wind, moving on and on,” asks René Mühlbacher in the chorus. It sounds like the desire to let all the stressful influences of the environment ricochet away in the style of a Zen master.
You simply want to oppose many developments by striking. But you can’t always adapt the flow of time to your own ideas. And so it is also an option to accept certain things and make the best of them.
As a metaphor in miniature, the melody of René’s daughter’s ocarina flute should be mentioned here, which, one suspects, was initially dismissed as noise, only to be integrated into the hook as an interesting counter-voice.

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Barakah – “Machlin 3000” (VÖ 01.12.’23)

That Jakob Mayr worked as a trombonist for, among others Parov Stelar It’s been clear to insiders for a long time that he can’t just play to danceable electro swing grooves in 4/4 time. With his sextet Barakah he now provides further impressive proof of his musical blessing.
His first composition “Machlin 3000” is a nine-minute rhapsody in odd meters, which Anton Prettler knows how to improvise smoothly on the saxophone, and which the rest of the band knows how to hold together in a constantly simmering arc of tension.
A whole album “Muse Temple” is expected for next year and is warmly recommended to all lovers of virtuosic fusion jazz rock.


BAIBA – „Black Hole“ (Super Plus Records // VÖ 24.11.’23)

BAIB has been writing good songs for a long time. For some time now they have found themselves in the guise of a broad electro-pop production. Big melodies with a long reverb tail give the emotional lines an epic mouthpiece.
To describe the small with the large, cosmological allusions and comparisons are just right. “Black Hole” is the name of the latest single, whose exciting arrangement in weightless verses alternates chords and dub step drums with wobbling basses to illustrate the emotional tension in another dimension.


Christl – “Dark Blood” / “Tod” (double single) (Ink Music // Release November 24th, 2023)

“Tod” is released as a double single. In a cabaret vocal performance Christl alternately giving voice to their life-affirming and negating spirits. You can hear one cheeky and impish here and there Nina Hagen flash through the microphone.
The lyrical lines only require homeopathic music production, in the form of a ghostly arranged piano accompaniment like that of Ice cold little hands from the Addams Family inspired.
For the impressive finale, the head suddenly pops out and Christl switches to attack mode. Self-preservation powerfully shatters the social norm as well as the well-tempered mood of the piano.

“Dark Blood” is less dramatic, but with plenty of biblical narration. A soulful ballad of longing in which Holy Jesus Christl does not skimp on testamentary symbolism and sacraments in order to present itself as a modern allegory of personified suffering in the accompanying music video.
“I want to carry your heart, carry your heart, too,” sings the Salvatorin in an angelic voice and makes us look forward to the redemptive album release next year like an impatient child looks forward to Christmas Eve.

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Ben Clean – “Rote Lippen” (bennet // VÖ 23.11.’23)

“Rote Lips” is not a new adaptation of the “Lucky Lips” classic Cliff Richard, rather the new single from Ben Clean. The highly motivated duo around singers Benjamin Client and the producer Maxi Nagl has once again combined all influences in one song to express their unique specialness to the chosen one. Honest expressions of emotion like “She has me in her hand – Fu*k!” are just as striking as the distorted guitar and the chasing beat.

Ben Clean (instagram)

Anda Morts – “Your Number” (Anda Morts // Release November 17th, 2023)

It’s always amazing how little production it takes to have an expressive voice. Anda Morts shows during his live session (buero butter) on the salon ship Miss Florentine in his hometown Linz, what a classic punk rock line-up can still sound like in 2023. Dry as dust, the grater voice scratches directly at the heart. Just where music should start. You can often tell that you resonate with a number before the first line of the verse has even been spoken.
So the upcoming support is from Anda Morts for Salo im Flexnot only recommended for all fans of sophisticated punk guitar rock.

Anda Morts

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