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Remembering Coco Lee: The First Asian Singer to Perform at the Academy Awards Passes Away due to Depression

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Remembering Coco Lee: The First Asian Singer to Perform at the Academy Awards Passes Away due to Depression

Singer Coco Lee Passes Away Due to Depression

Hong Kong – Singer Coco Lee, known for her iconic songs such as “DiDaDi” and “True Lover”, tragically passed away on the 5th due to depression. The news sent shockwaves through the entertainment industry and left her fans devastated.

Coco Lee made history as the first Asian singer to perform at the Academy Awards ceremony. She sang the ending song for Ang Lee’s critically acclaimed film “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon”. Ang Lee, deeply saddened by the news, expressed his grief and said, “I miss her.” Other renowned artists, including Zhang Qingfang and Jolin Tsai, also sent messages of mourning.

According to reports from the Hong Kong English Standard, Coco Lee was rushed to Queen Mary Hospital in an unconscious state. Her family later confirmed her passing on Facebook. Beijing Warner also released a statement confirming that Coco Lee had been battling depression.

Coco Lee, born Li Meilin in Hong Kong, faced adversity from a young age. Her father passed away before she was born, and her mother worked tirelessly to raise her and her three sisters. At the age of nine, the family moved to California. Coco Lee returned to Hong Kong in 1993 to participate in the TVB Global Chinese Rookie Singing Contest, where she secured the runner-up position and signed with affiliated record company Huaxing Records.

In June 1994, Coco Lee released her first solo album titled “Love is Now” in Taiwan, which catapulted her to stardom. She brought a fresh and unique American singing style to the Taiwanese music scene. Additionally, her energetic performance in the music video for “Kuaige DiDaDi” captivated audiences. Coco Lee’s achievements extended beyond Asia, as she became the first Chinese-American singer to debut in the United States with her English albums “CoCo’s Party” and “Just No Other Way”.

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Coco Lee’s undeniable talent and international reputation landed her the opportunity to tour with superstars such as Michael Jackson and Ricky Martin.

Despite her successful career, Coco Lee faced personal challenges. She revealed earlier this year that she had struggled with walking since childhood due to a congenital defect in her left leg. She underwent multiple surgeries, including one where an iron rod was inserted through her left heel. Despite these challenges, she remained determined and referred to herself as a “female warrior”.

News of Coco Lee’s sudden passing left fans and fellow artists devastated. Zhang Qingfang expressed her sorrow on Facebook, saying, “You will always be the best, Coco Lee.” Jolin Tsai reminisced about Coco Lee’s bright smile and posted a heartfelt tribute on a black background. Other celebrities, including Jin Zhongshidi Wu Kangren, Wang Xinling, and Xiao S (Xu Xidi), also expressed their grief over the loss of the talented singer.

Director Ang Lee, who collaborated with Coco Lee on “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon”, shared his fond memories of her. He described her as cheerful and cute and expressed his deep sadness at her passing. Ang Lee fondly remembered Coco Lee’s performance at the Oscars, where he instructed her to “sing desperately” as the first Asian singer on the prestigious stage.

Coco Lee’s untimely death serves as a reminder of the importance of mental health awareness and support. Her legacy as a pioneering Asian singer and her contribution to the music industry will forever be cherished by her fans and the entertainment community.

Sources cite that Chinese websites are prohibited from creating mirror sites, and readers are urged to access the genuine version of Chinese news websites.

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