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Remembering the Classics: An Inside Look at Huang Jianxin’s Iconic Films

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The Beijing International Film Festival recently paid tribute to director Huang Jianxin, showcasing eight of his classic works in a special exhibition titled “Penetrating Reality and Insight into the Times”. The exhibition, held at the Lao She Theater, delved into the behind-the-scenes moments of film creation, offering audiences a unique perspective on the creative process.

Huang Jianxin, a renowned figure in Chinese cinema and a representative of the fifth generation of Chinese film directors, is known for his pioneering image style and delicate depiction of urban life. The festival featured a lineup of his most iconic films, including “Back to Back, Face to Face”, “Reincarnation”, “Black Cannon Incident”, and many more.

During the opening ceremony, Huang Jianxin was joined by long-term collaborators such as actor Feng Gong, photographer Zhao Fei, and sound engineer Yan Jun. Together, they shared anecdotes and memories from their time working on these classic films.

Actor Feng Gong fondly recalled his first meeting with Huang Jianxin, where he mistakenly recommended his cross-talk partner Niu Zhenhua for a role. Despite the initial mix-up, Niu Zhenhua went on to star in Huang Jianxin’s “Back to Back, Face to Face”, earning critical acclaim for his performance.

Cinematographer Zhao Fei reflected on his collaboration with Huang Jianxin on “Reincarnation”, praising the director’s keen interest in international cinema and his meticulous attention to detail. He credited Huang Jianxin’s enduring creative passion for the success of their collaboration.

Sound engineer Yan Jun shared insights into his experience working with Huang Jianxin, highlighting the director’s bold approach to filmmaking and his mentorship throughout their partnership. Yan Jun expressed gratitude for Huang Jianxin’s guidance and leadership, which shaped his career in sound engineering.

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As the exhibition paid homage to Huang Jianxin’s legacy, the director himself expressed sadness over the loss of two old friends and collaborators. Despite the challenges facing the film industry today, Huang Jianxin remains optimistic about the future of Chinese cinema, emphasizing the importance of wisdom and innovation in creating better films.

Through the “Master Review” exhibition, audiences were able to revisit Huang Jianxin’s timeless classics and gain a deeper appreciation for his contributions to Chinese cinema. As the film industry continues to evolve, Huang Jianxin’s work serves as a reminder of the enduring power of storytelling and the impact of great filmmaking.

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