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Ren Suxi Shines in ‘Summer of the Band 3’ with Touching Performance of ‘Big Dream’

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“Summer of the Band 3” Kicks Off with “Yue Xia” Goddess Cooperation Competition

The highly-anticipated “Summer of the Band 3” music competition has officially begun with the launch of the “Yue Xia” goddess cooperation competition. Nine talented “goddesses” including Gong Linna, Huang Ling, Jin Haixin, Liu Boxin, Long Kuan, Meng Tingwei, Ren Suxi, Wan Nida, and Wei Ruxuan have joined forces to compete against the top nine bands, performing together on the same stage.

One of the standout performances from the competition was the rendition of “Big Dream” by Wayna Band and Ren Suxi, which garnered the highest number of votes from the audience, a staggering 242. But what makes “Big Dream” so popular?

The nine-minute-long song takes a unique perspective and uses an affectionate interpretation to depict the journey of life, from the age of six to eighty-eight, portraying a life filled with helplessness and ambiguity. The lyrics reflect the problems and worries faced at each stage of life, resonating with many viewers. Throughout the song, the repeated question of “what to do” echoes, highlighting the uncertainties of life. However, no definitive answer is given, suggesting that when everything is said and done, all problems simply fade away. The song concludes with the lines, “I see clouds in the sky, I hear the river flowing,” encapsulating the meaning of thousands of journeys coming to an end.

Following the competition, Wayna’s “Big Dream” received an astounding 442,000 retweets and garnered attention from various celebrities, including Lu Han, Xiao Zhan, Deng Chao, Li Xian, and Liu Tao. Famous film critic Zhou Liming praised the song, referring to it as a soulful piece that goes beyond just evoking tears and provides a snapshot of life.

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However, some netizens have questioned the rankings of “Summer of the Band 3,” calling for a discussion from a professional and technical standpoint. Senior music critic Xiao Fei pointed out that while “Big Dream” has a simple melody based on folk songs, it lacks memorable points and falls short in delivering a message of strength and resilience.

Ren Suxi, who collaborated with Wayna Band in “Big Dream,” impressed audiences with her expressive voice and her ability to bring the song to life. Ren is known for her empathetic performances and her ability to transform songs into compelling stories. During rehearsals, Ren was reportedly moved to tears due to her deep personal connection to the song, which showcased her love and dedication to the performance.

Lu Shiwei, a well-known music critic, highlighted that the focus of “Big Dream” should be on Wayna Band rather than Ren Suxi. Ren’s involvement as a special guest in the “Goddess Cooperation Competition” added another dimension to the song, exploring people’s confusion and struggles at different stages of life. Ren’s previous musical works, popularity, and mass appeal complemented the collaboration with Wayna Band.

This is not the first time Ren Suxi has ventured into music. She has previously written and sung theme songs for multiple films and television shows. Despite not having a formal music education, Ren’s clean tone and natural singing style, characterized by a lack of pretentiousness and the perfect use of techniques, have garnered recognition and love from the audience.

Ren Suxi’s passion for music and her ability to connect with audiences have been evident throughout her musical journey. Her involvement in “Summer of the Band 3” and the overwhelming praise for her performance in “Big Dream” serve as both encouragement and recognition of her musical talent.

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In the words of Romain Rolland, “There is only one kind of heroism in life, and that is to still love…” Ren Suxi’s genuine and heartfelt performances exemplify this heroism, leaving a lasting impression on her audience.

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