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Ren Xiaolei: The Liyuan family is more responsible for the inheritance and promotion of Qin Opera

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The reverberation surrounds the beam, the face of the peach blossom

Ren Xiaolei: The Liyuan family is more responsible for the inheritance and promotion of Qin Opera

2022-06-17 19:44:49Source: Xi’an News Network

Xi’an News Network News “That ya, that ya…” At the end of 2020, the TV series “Installing a Stage” will be broadcast on CCTV. The bowl and bowl tone in the play “Peach Blossoms on the Face of People” is beautiful and beautiful, affectionate and delicate, and the lingering sound is deeply moving. the audience. And this affectionate and delicate Wanwanqiang was sung by Xiaolei, the director of the “Plum Blossom Award”, who played the role of “Danish” in the play, a famous Qinqiang actor. When she met Ren Xiaolei, she was obviously thinner and more elegant than in the play. She said with a smile, “The camera has a magnifying effect, and I seem to be a little more fashionable than the ‘Danish’.” Since the age of 7, she has been on the stage and has worked hard on the Qin Opera stage. Ren Xiaolei, who has been there for decades, said: “Perhaps it is a bit exaggerated to say this, but I really think this way in my heart. I came from a family of Liyuan, and I have the responsibility and obligation to sing Qinqiang well, and to spread Qinqiang.”

She came from a family in Liyuan, but she didn’t know that her family was all famous

Ren Xiaolei was born in Baoji. In her studio, she took out an old photo and pointed to it: “This is my father, Ren Yonghua. When “Liang Qiuyan” was put on the stage, he was the first performance of Liu Chunsheng, who was talking to Liang Qiuyan.” And Ren Xiaolei’s mother, Cui Huifang, is also a character worth remembering in the history of Qin Opera. She, Yu Qiaoyun from Weinan, and Guo Mingxia from Xianyang became popular in the northwest in the 1960s and were known as the “Three Famous Dan”. Because of her family background, Ren Xiaolei has been attached to drama since she was a child. She listened to her mother’s practice voice at home, but her strict mother did not let her touch her own things. Ren Xiaolei was inevitably curious.

When I was six or seven years old, my mother’s troupe rehearsed “Blessings”. My mother played the role of Sister Xianglin, and the little actor who played A Mao suddenly fell ill. She said that since then, she has become more curious and loving about the stage, “It’s fun!” said the child. Back at home, in those days, she wrapped sheets and towels around her body and began to play roles. Later, she followed her mother to play Little A Mao several times. After she played her part, she waited for her mother backstage. When she saw the plot of Xianglin’s death, she burst into tears. In desperation, her father had to wait every time. She took her home after she played her part.

Li Ruifang, a famous Qin Opera performance artist, was performing in Baoji, and saw the lively and lovely Ren Xiaolei at his old partner’s home. He laughed and said that she was a good seedling and recognized her as a goddaughter. “My mother is a very strict person, and she doesn’t smile, but the godmother is a very kind person. Sometimes when she is with her godmother, she is more relaxed.” At that time, someone joked that Ren Xiaolei should be two “fangs” (mother Cui Hui Fang and her godmother Li Ruifang), and gave her the stage name “Fang Zi”. Ren Xiaolei told reporters that although there were two famous artists who were so close to her, she didn’t study the arts seriously, and didn’t even realize that both mothers were famous actors, but they were the most important teachers in her acting career. .

When I was young, I didn’t know how good the Qin Opera was, and I almost went to the film school during the youthful rebellious period.

At the age of 10, the Shaanxi Opera Research Institute recruited students, and Ren Xiaolei entered the actor training class of the academy, and then became an actor of the Chinese Opera Research Institute. During my study, my mother and godmother gave me a lot of guidance and help. The mother is still strict, and the godmother is still gentle. The different styles of the two mothers also benefit her immensely. “Then what about your father?” The reporter asked, Ren Xiaolei said, “My father is my strong backing. Although he is unknown and doesn’t speak much, his love is like a mountain. He is behind me, and I am not afraid of anything.”

During her 6 years at the Provincial Academy of Chinese Opera, Ren Xiaolei received solid basic skills training. One year before she was about to graduate, the filming of the film “Eternal Emperor” starring Li Dongqiao, the first actor who won the Plum Blossom Award at the Provincial Academy of Chinese Opera, began filming. Ren Xiaolei stood out among all the trainees in the training class with her bright image and temperament that matched her role, and obtained the qualification to play the character “Wei Ji” in the play. This is indeed a high starting point among the students of the same period.

However, it was when she was young and ignorant. Although her starting point was high, the rebellious Ren Xiaolei always felt that the outside world was more exciting. In the past, she also liked songs, dances, and arts. Under the suggestion of , applied for the film school and passed the exam. However, her mother did not agree with her going to the film school and asked her to sing well. After several thoughts, she finally gave up the idea and decided to follow the advice of her parents and stick to Qin Opera. So later appearing in “Installing the Stage” also fulfilled his long-cherished wish.

There are no small roles, every role is worth thinking about

Although the starting point is high, Ren Xiaolei has been playing various supporting roles for quite a long time. For example, in “Late Blooming Rose”, the Gong Xiaohua played by Ren Xiaolei is a supporting role who only reads Bai. At first, in the design, the character was also a bit masked. Ren Xiaolei acted in a face-to-face way. Chen Yan, the old dean and the screenwriter of the play, called her to the office and said to her, “If you want to act like this, this drama will fall into your hands?” Ren Xiaolei Said she was very dissatisfied: “My character doesn’t even have a word to sing, so how could it hit me?” Chen Yan told her that although this is a supporting role, it has a leverage effect, and a bad performance will damage other characters. She went back and carefully pondered the script, “twisted” the characters a bit, the same lines, different tones, and different flavors. Gong Xiaohua also has her own cuteness. She and the protagonist Xuemei have different life concepts and attitudes, and she is also heartless. This small role has repeatedly impacted Xuemei’s heart, which reflects Xuemei’s dedication and noble personality. Later, she also analyzed the role of “Danish” in the TV series “Taiwan”. Although she was still a supporting role, she was still very good.

It is precisely because of the belief that there is no small role, Ren Xiaolei’s play is wider, able to adapt to different stage needs and create more and fuller characters. It is also because of her years of artistic accumulation that she won the 23rd Chinese Drama Plum Blossom Award for her successful portrayal of Lai Ying’er in the Qin Opera historical drama “Singer of the Quetai”.

In recent years, in addition to acting, Ren Xiaolei has also created a live video column “Very Beautiful! Qin Opera Mansion”, where she invites famous artists or her students to live broadcast through the video platform every Friday to chat about Qin Opera and art. In life, she said that if Qin Opera can be further inherited and promoted in this way, “I believe that more people will join the promotion team of Qin Opera, so that this ancient art form will once again bloom with dazzling brilliance. “

Text/Xi’an Newspaper All Media Reporter Zhang Jing

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