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Researchers use AI to reconstruct a hidden painting under a famous painting by Picasso-AI Artificial Intelligence-cnBeta.COM

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According to foreign media CNET, before becoming famous, Pablo Picasso did not always have enough funds to purchase painting materials. Therefore, like other struggling artists, he painted on existing canvases and created new ones. Works, thus concealing the early images. For example, a painting by Picasso has been “hidden” for more than a century under his famous painting “Dinner for the Blind”. Now researchers have used AI to reconstruct this hidden painting.


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This is a painting depicting a naked crouching woman, which is called “The Lonesome Crouching Nude” (The Lonesome Crouching Nude). In 2010, researchers used X-rays to discover that it was hidden under Picasso’s 1903 oil painting “Dinner for the Blind”, which is considered to be one of the most important works of the artist’s expressionist “blue period”. During that time, he painted gloomy monochromatic works in blue and blue-green tones, with occasional highlights in warm tones such as rust or gold.

Picasso painted a woman in the unique hues of the “blue period”, as evidenced by this full-scale, full-color reproduction, which replicates the painting to three-dimensional brushstrokes. The painting was exhibited at the first Deeep AI Art Exhibition at the London-based Morf Gallery, which claims to be a futuristic online gallery displaying limited edition artworks.

Researchers at University College London used an original algorithm to recreate the painting. The algorithm studied dozens of Picasso’s paintings and trained themselves in the style of the Spanish artist. George Cann said: “It’s weird to see the way these brushstrokes, colors, and lights reflect on the work.” He is one of two PhD researchers at University College London. The work is reborn. “This is a beautiful work.”

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It may also be important to artists. This crouching woman appears in the background of another famous Picasso blue period work La Vie.

Cann said in a statement: “The woman in “Lonely Crouching Nude” also appeared in “Life” and several sketches of Picasso. This fact shows that Picasso may have a sense of closeness to this woman.

Cann and UCL PhD student Anthony Bourached created a system to reproduce the painted artwork. These tools include X-ray and infrared images to reveal hidden works; a neural network that can reproduce the work after studying the artist’s cache; an altitude map for altitude modeling; and a print texture work 3D printer. Cann and Bouraced call their artistic reconstruction plan Oxia Palus, and they have applied it to include another hidden Picasso work “La Femme Perdue” and a work by Modigliani.

“I believe that Picasso actively welcomes this kind of evidence collection,” Bouraced said, “because he said,’I just painted the image that appeared before my eyes. It is up to others to discover the hidden meaning.'”

“Lonely Crouching Nude” is not the first hidden painting revealed in Picasso’s “Blue Period” works. In 2014, infrared imaging technology unveiled another portrait of a man underneath the blue period work “Blue Room”. “The Blue Room” depicts a naked model taking a bath in his studio.


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