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Responding to Hong Kong Issues Interrupted by Huang Qiusheng Angrily Choking Host | Paradise on the Fourth Floor | Taipei Film Festival Premiere

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[Epoch Times October 02, 2021](Epoch Times reporter Tong Yijia comprehensive report) Hong Kong actor Huang Qiusheng, who has flew on both sides of Taiwan and Hong Kong for a year, attended the Taiwanese drama “Paradise on the Fourth Floor” at the Taipei Film Festival on October 1st Premiere. When interviewed by the media, he was asked about his views on Hong Kong after the change. He said that he “dare not think about it”, but the host tried to interrupt before he finished speaking. Huang Qiusheng was unhappy on the spot and demanded respect from the other party.

On October 1, Huang Qiusheng, Xie Yingxuan, Fan Shaoxun, Wang Zhenlin, and Ye Ciyu attended the premiere of the Taiwanese drama “Paradise on the Fourth Floor” at the Taipei Film Festival. Director Chen Xinyi said that Huang Qiusheng was set when writing the script.

Speaking of the opportunity when he decided to take over the first Taiwanese drama, Huang Qiusheng said: “Because I don’t have a job in Hong Kong, it is rare for someone to come to work for me so far. I am very grateful to them.” Very professional, I happily picked it up.”

As for whether he will continue to perform Taiwanese works in the future, Huang Qiusheng said that “it’s great if you have a job,” and there is no movie for which it is divided.

Some media asked: “Because of working in Hong Kong and Taiwan, are you considering buying a property in Taiwan?” Huang Qiusheng responded, “If you have a job, you will naturally stay, but there is no money to buy a house for the time being.” To the reporter who asked the question He smiled and said, “Will you lend me money?” He turned the audience with a smile.

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When asked about “what has changed in Hong Kong”, Huang Qiusheng sighed first, and then slowly said: “I dare not think, what else can I think, what else can I think? Because it has become very unfamiliar.”

Obviously, when it comes to Hong Kong issues, Huang Qiusheng can’t help but feel it. But when he was halfway through the talk, he was interrupted by the host and asked the media to ask the next question. Huang Qiusheng changed his face on the spot: “I hate this, as if I can talk about something (sensitive question). Let me answer it first and respect it? Otherwise, don’t ask me this question!” The host immediately apologized for being scared. The field was also silent.

Huang Qiusheng continued to respond to the Hong Kong issues. He drew an analogy: “It’s just like a family member that you usually see is the same. One day when you go home, you will feel like another person.” .”

Huang Qiusheng has been banned by the CCP for a long time because of his support for Hong Kong’s democratic movement. For more than six years, he has not had the opportunity to star in any “China-Hong Kong co-production film”, and can only appear in Hong Kong stage plays and some small movies occasionally. Despite this, the Grand Slam three-tier actor won the Hong Kong Film Awards for the third time by starring in the Hong Kong film “The Fallen Man” with zero pay in 2019, defeating strong opponents.

Huang Qiusheng, who has just passed his 60th birthday, has taken over many jobs in Taiwan in the past year. After cooperating with Taiwanese artists KID and Song Baiwei to film the first season of the reality show “Make Friends in a Dining Car”, I originally filmed the second season with actors Zhuang Kaixun and Cai Fanxi in May. However, due to the sudden outbreak of the epidemic in Taiwan and the show called cards, he had to return to Hong Kong early to prepare for the stage play “ART Uh” in all aspects.

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Huang Qiusheng, who performed 15 stage plays in Hong Kong in August, has already started filming the second season of “Make Friends in a Dining Truck” after returning to Taiwan a few days ago to complete the quarantine. In the face of Hong Kong’s past, Huang Qiusheng seems to have a hard time talking. This time an episode made the atmosphere at the premiere of the joyful “Fourth Floor of Paradise” a bit embarrassing.

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