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Return to the endless fun of “Jianwang 3” cross-border linkage fun gameplay first look

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Return to the endless fun of “Jianwang 3” cross-border linkage fun gameplay first look

Happy hide-and-seek, return to the endless fun of children! The June 1st festival is approaching, the sheep and wolves from “Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf” brought the interesting gameplay “Yangcun Battle”, and spent the joyous June 1st with the knights of “Jianwang 3”! Not only can you get a lot of rich rewards, such as linkage decoration furniture, exclusive back pendant gift boxes, etc., but you can also donate valuable books and materials to the public welfare book donation cause, illuminating the children’s path to a better future! Come and see more exciting content together!

Goat Village Hide and Seek, Happy June 1st! From 7:00 on May 30th to 7:00 on June 20th, knights can go to Chengdu, Yangzhou and the time-space rift of Xia Kedao to find “Pleasant Goat” through time and space to enter Yangcun, and celebrate Children’s Day together! Chevaliers can chat with “Big Big Wolf” in Yangcun and the three major cities mentioned above to participate in the gameplay “Yangcun Battle”. The chivalrous person can enter the exclusive scene alone or invite up to 4 relatives and friends, and randomly become a witty sheep or a heroic wolf and participate in the big battle together! Each sheep and wolves have their own special skills, and chivalrous warriors can exchange roles with their companions, multiplying the joy of multiple surprises!

The sheep and sheep need to use their skills and wisdom to avoid being caught by wolves and escape successfully with their companions to win! At the same time, the wolf wolf can also catch the witty sheep and sheep through organs and skills, and successfully eliminate no less than 2 sheep and sheep or if there are still sheep and sheep in the field after the time is over, you can win the crown of victory!Participate to get exclusive tokens[青青草]can be exchanged for 8 linked ornamental furniture and exclusive back pendant gift boxes at the “beautiful sheep and sheep” in the three major cities and Yangcun. Open the gift box and you can randomly get a linked exclusive back pendant, which will accompany you all summer!

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Introduction to the Great Battle of Yangcun

At the same time, every time a chivalrous person participates in the “Yangcun Battle”, he can also donate a piece of love to the love pool of the “Jianwang 3” sixth graduation season charity book donation activity! This event “Jianwang 3” will join hands with Aofei Entertainment, Bazaar Charity Fund, and Xishanju Xi Foundation. With the help of the loving wool of the knights, the “Jianwang 3” team will purchase materials in a centralized manner, and finally will be the “Bazaar”. Students from five rural primary schools in four different provinces, including Sanzhiyang Primary School in Sanzhiyang Township, Du’an County, Guangxi, donated love books to help them learn and grow! May every bit of kindness from you and me be able to converge into a unique light in the hearts of children!

The transmission of love should not be blocked by the epidemic. In order to better protect the health of children, this year, we will no longer call on chivalrous men to donate books by mail. However, chivalrous warriors can also contribute to public welfare by participating in the fun game “Goat Village Battle” and become a hero who protects children! In addition, during this period, knights can also go to the special page of this event to leave your love message, recommend suitable books for children or write down what you want to say to them, and you can also donate a copy of your exclusive intentions, and have a chance to receive generous gifts! The number is limited, please don’t miss it!

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Qingqing journey, you and I go together! “Jianwang 3” × “Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf” will be launched, and the interesting gameplay “Yangcun Battle” will be launched happily. Is it that Yangyang escapes again witty, or is the wolf wolf finally superior? Come and celebrate Children’s Day on Children’s Day with your friends in Datang Jianghu! There will be more exciting content in the future, let’s wait and see!

“Jian Wang 3” official website: jx3.xoyo.com

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