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Reviving Changying’s Red Classics: A Look at the First Batch of Radio Dramas and Movies

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Changying’s first batch of red classic movies and radio dramas launched

News from China Industrial Network (Worker Daily – China Industrial Network reporter Liu Shanshan and Peng Bing) On April 10, the reporter learned from Changchun Film Studio that in order to revitalize Changying’s red resources and better develop the spirit of Changying’s red classic works Power, the first batch of “Changying’s 100 Red Classic Movies and Radio Dramas” created by Changying Translation and Production has been completed, including 10 movies including “Gunshots of the Secrecy Bureau”, “The Party’s Daughter” and “Dong Cunrui” The radio drama was recently broadcast on the relevant frequencies of Jilin Radio Station, Himalaya APP and other platforms.

Known as the “cradle of New China’s film industry”, Changying has created more than 1,000 popular film and television works in the past 80 years since its establishment. Many works have become classics deeply imprinted in the hearts of people across the country, especially those that praise the red spirit and Film works and heroic images that promote patriotism have influenced the ideological outlook and values ​​of several generations, establishing and inspiring the patriotic customs and feelings of the people across the country.

In order to vigorously inherit and carry forward the great spirit of the Chinese nation and allow Changying’s red works to continue to provide strong spiritual power to the literary and artistic undertakings in the new era in the form of “art of sound”, the film and television creative team of Changying Translation Production has planned and created “Changying 100 “A Red Classic Movie and Radio Drama” project, the people participating in the recording of the radio drama are all full-time directors and voice actors of Changying Translation Production. The first batch of 10 radio dramas selected “The Gunshots of the Secrecy Bureau”, “The Party’s Daughter”, “Dong Cunrui”, “Red Boy”, “Yellow River Boy”, “Sino-Japanese War”, “Two Xiaobalu” and “Youth in War”, which are familiar to generations of audiences. Classic works such as “Flowers of the Motherland” and “Iron Warrior” use “sound blockbusters” to accompany audiences across the country to review red classics and draw strength for progress.

Each episode of the first batch of radio dramas is about 10 minutes long, which deeply restores the storyline in the movie. It is exciting and fast-paced. In the post-production of sound effects, the details of the music and environmental sounds were carefully created to make the audience feel as if they were actually there. “Gunshots of the Secret Bureau” has been praised and affirmed by many listeners after it was launched on the Himalaya platform. Everyone left messages: “It is well-made, made with old film resources, and inherits classic film works.” “The classic film of the year has been adopted by the new generation. The filmmakers use the form of radio drama to interpret it with a unique flavor”.

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