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Reviving Hong Kong-Style Comedy: An Interview with “The King of Kings” Director Lin Zicong

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The long-awaited Hong Kong drama “The King of Kings” has finally been aired on TVB Jade Channel and Biduidui APP, bringing Hong Kong-style comedy back into the spotlight. This 2024 version of “The King of Kings” continues the traditional Hong Kong-style comedy with absurd plots, nonsensical dialogue, and joking and innuendo, while also introducing innovative content such as fascinating detective stories and the creation of young detective team portraits.

However, the audience reviews have been mixed. While some viewers appreciate the traditional Hong Kong-style comedy and the break from TVB’s traditional shooting style, others feel that the comedy lacks new ideas and find the nonsensical nature of the show to be overwhelming.

Lin Zicong, a familiar face to mainland audiences and well-known as an “old partner” of Stephen Chow, has returned to TVB to direct “The King of Kings”. In an interview with a Beijing News reporter, Lin Zicong expressed his passion for Hong Kong-style comedy and his desire to revitalize the genre. He admitted that filming “The King of Kings” was a daunting task, given the departure from TVB’s usual drama format. However, he hopes that the show will bring a fresh and enjoyable experience to the audience.

Lin Zicong also expressed his excitement about working with TVB’s current young actors, noting their energy and dedication to their craft. He emphasized the importance of staying relevant to the younger generation’s understanding of comedy and their expectations, in order to attract and excite new audiences.

When asked about the differences between today’s comedies and those of the past, Lin Zicong acknowledged the evolving landscape of comedy and the challenges of meeting modern audience expectations. He emphasized the importance of starting from the script and finding new ways to bring joy to the audience through innovative storytelling and content.

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As for the challenges of directing and acting in “The King of Kings,” Lin Zicong admitted that it was a demanding and busy task, but one that he was passionate about. He also praised the leading actors, Wang Haoxin and Yao Ziling, for their dedication and ability to bring their characters to life in a comedic way.

Overall, Lin Zicong hopes that “The King of Kings” will help the audience recall the simple happiness conveyed by Hong Kong-style comedy and breathe new life into the genre. With his passion and dedication, Lin Zicong is determined to give the audience a fresh and enjoyable experience while honoring the traditions of classic Hong Kong comedy.

The Beijing News reporter Zhang He contributed to this article, with editing by Tong Na and proofreading by Li Lijun.

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