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RIIZE, the Highly Anticipated Boy Group, Set to Debut with Unique Genre ‘Emotional Pop’

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RIIZE, a boy group that has been gaining attention for their extraordinary talent, is set to make their debut on September 4th, 2023, according to China Entertainment News. The group’s first single album, titled “Get A Guitar,” will be released on the same day, with pre-sales already starting today.

The album, centered around the theme of the members’ journey in preparing for their debut, features the title track “Get A Guitar” and the prologue single “Memories,” which will be released on August 21 in advance. RIIZE aims to introduce their unique genre, called “Emotional Pop,” which is expected to make waves in the industry.

Excitement surrounding RIIZE’s debut has been building, fueled by the release of a concept called the “Real Time Odyssey” timeline. This timeline, designed with guitar chord charts in mind, reveals the release schedule of various album-related contents, as well as countdowns to the debut and plans for future events. Fans have been eagerly awaiting these updates, which were announced on RIIZE’s official website and social media accounts.

To further fuel anticipation, RIIZE recently released a performance video of their song “Siren” on platforms such as Bilibili SMTOWN and YouTube SMTOWN. The video showcases the group’s impressive talents and their incredible synergy as a team. This video has received a positive response from fans worldwide and has sparked even more curiosity about the future potential of RIIZE.

Notably, the name RIIZE is a combination of “Rise” and “Realize,” symbolizing the group’s aspirations for growth and the realization of their dreams. The group consists of seven elite members, including SHOTARO, EUNSEOK, SUNGCHAN, WONBIN, SEUNGHAN, SOHEE, and ANTON.

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As the countdown to their debut continues, fans and music enthusiasts are eagerly anticipating the arrival of RIIZE in the global entertainment scene. With their exceptional talent, unique genre, and strong rapport as a team, the group is poised to make a significant impact in the music industry.

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