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Rob Grant – Lost at Sea

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Rob Grant – Lost at Sea

by Oliver on November 30, 2023 in Album

Neoclassical Piano Muzak: Nepo Dad Rob Grant doesn’t have much to say around his 70th birthday – but does so on his debut album Lost at Sea but with a decidedly pleasant grandeur.

You can’t and don’t want to blame autodidact Daddy Del Rey in any way for his debut as a musician, which was produced by Jack Antonoff, Luke Howard, Laura Sisk and Zach Dawes: Rob Grant’s sentimentally rippling piano melodies, which are flatteringly soft and gentle, are too nice and gentle pearls warm from the boxes – in Setting Sail on a Distant Horizon taking on a vague sense of optimism, Deep Ocean Swells nautical and illuminating Reflections of Light on Water with almost Christmas-like patience.

The simple, strolling keyboard motifs are often accompanied by kitschy, albeit well-measured string arrangements (in The Poetry of Wind and Waves or In the Dying Light of Day: Requiem for Mother Earth The elements are exceptionally reversed, thereby reinforcing the cinematographic aspect of the record). Lost at Sea which for long stretches makes it the mental cinematic score of a melancholically longing for hope film, absolutely pleasant.
If The Mermaids’ Lullaby For once it even acts as an ambient fog with a little crystalline chiselled space sparkle (aesthetically coherent, but strictly speaking constructed without its own identity), Grant also tries to open up the uniformity in a homogeneous way – although what follows Song of the Eternal Sea As a result, covering long distances as empty meters just seems annoying.

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Still convinced Lost at Sea as a sprinkling background noise for your own comfort zone, in which there is only the wholesome comfort zone and no points of friction. Apart from the inherent pleasantness of the overarching, graceful orientation, nothing really sticks – with the exception of the two pieces in which daughter Lizzy alias King’s wool stops by as a guest singer: in the excellent title piece, the chanteuse lets her bittersweet magic luxuriate in a whisper Hollywood Bowl When it comes to the formulaic melodies and lyrics, the harmonic autopilot is enough to make your heart swell. However, this happens in a way that does not arouse any condescension.

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