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Rollic Combination Keyboard Casual Game “Button Fever” Synthetic Arrangement Customization_Button_Revenue_Player

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Rollic Combination Keyboard Casual Game “Button Fever” Synthetic Arrangement Customization_Button_Revenue_Player

Original title: Rollic combination keyboard casual game “Button Fever” synthetic arrangement customization

Have you ever played a point and click game? Today, I recommend the placement puzzle game “Button Fever” launched by Rollic Games with a connected keyboard as the background. Players click buttons in the game to earn income. After buying keycaps and placing them, they can increase income. You can synthesize keycaps, Change the direction of the arrangement to increase the income, get more generous rewards, and have inexhaustible savings.

The story of Button Fever takes place on a magical keyboard, where you can earn money by hitting the keys. The keys in the placed state will also be automatically pressed to generate income. The keys in the game can be purchased and merged. When the purchased keys are placed on the keyboard, they can be arranged according to their own preferences. Different positions have different yields. How to use limited buttons to obtain higher yields is the primary issue that players need to consider.

As a puzzle game, “Button Fever” adopts the gameplay of placing and clicking. Players who are familiar with “Kill Titan” are not unfamiliar with this gameplay. Players only need to keep pressing the keys to obtain income. There are two ways to increase the income level. The first is to buy keys and place them on the keyboard, and increase the income by expanding the position occupied by the keys. The second is to upgrade the overall rate of return, to increase the income of a single keystroke on the basis, so that the income can be greatly increased.

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The art style of “Button Fever” adopts 3D stereoscopic modeling with God’s perspective. Except for the buttons, other elements adopt 2D plane modeling. Each time the button is pressed, the corresponding animation effect will be presented. In addition, the simple color matching and sharp color contrast give the game screen a rustic feel. The simple but not simple design reflects the intention of research and development everywhere.

From the actual experience, “Button Fever” is a relatively magical game, with two ways of playing without brains and with brains. The former only needs to press the button to get the background, creating the illusion of easy money for players. , which stimulates the player to continuously press the button to win the income. When the player’s greed no longer meets the current earning efficiency, he will choose to buy new buttons for combination. The increase of buttons will soon spread over the keyboard, in order to accommodate more The buttons of the game must be synthesized and synthesized without restrictions, and people’s endless desire has become the biggest catalyst for the game.

The fun of brain-based gameplay in the game is more significant. There are a large number of keys distributed in rows and columns on the keyboard. The yield of keys in different horizontal rows is slightly different. The yield of low keys is 100%, and the returns of high keys Yields are as high as 200% and even higher. How to use limited funds to combine the highest possible rate of return is a good challenge for players who like to use their brains.

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If you are an idle clicker game lover, if you have a soft spot for games that make money easily, and if you like games that challenge magical gameplay, then please don’t miss this “Button Fever” easily.

At present, “Button Fever” ranks 14th in the top free games list of the Google Play Store, with more than 1 million installations, the content is rated as suitable for everyone, and it has received nearly 1,000 comments and a score of 2.7.Return to Sohu, see more


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