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Rolls Royce, personalization as an art

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GOODWOOD – After the starry skies, the leather interiors of the craziest colors and the works of art embedded in the dashboard, Rolls Royce takes a step forward in the customization of its supercars: on the Cullinan SUV comes the “Recreation Module”, a motorized cassette designed to fit securely and invisibly to the trunk floor. And inside, at the touch of a button, the owner’s world of passions opens up with each item placed in its own bespoke container. The recreational module can be cut out to match or contrast with the color of the car’s interior and exterior according to the preferences of the commissioning customer.

What can end up in there depends on the owner’s imagination, of course, but what is certain is having 48 liters of space available that can be precisely configured, allowing customers to create recreational modules for hobbies. Rolls recommends kits for fly fishing, rock climbing, snowboarding or parasailing and kiteboarding or base jumping. For example, a Cullinan customer could devise three individual recreational modules for shooting, skiing, and photographic equipment, then select and install the appropriate unit before departure. In addition to this magical box, the rear compartment of the Cullinan can also accommodate a second tailor-made function, the double armchairs that come out of the floor: they are called “Viewing Suite”. They are – not surprisingly – facing backwards and also have a retractable cocktail table. Nothing better, to overcome the boredom of the wealthy owners of a Cullinan.

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