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royal holloway (introduction to royal holloway) _ Education News

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royal holloway (introduction to royal holloway) _ Education News

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Hello everyone, Xiaoxin is here to answer the above questions for you. Royal holloway, many people don’t know the introduction of royal holloway, let’s take a look now!

1. The University for the Creative Arts (English: University for the Creative Arts), which has a history of more than 150 years and originated in 1866, is one of the most famous public art colleges in the UK and the top art college in the UK.

2. The school is the UK’s No. 1 creative and arts university (Complete University Guide), and is ranked Top 21 in the UK by the Guardian University in 2018.

3. Its clothing (Fashion), architecture (Architecture), animation (Animation), textile (Textiles), photography (Photography) majors are well-known in the UK, and has trained many famous designers.

4. The graduate fashion show (London Fashion Week Graduate Fashion Show) held annually by the fashion design major has always been the focus of the British fashion industry.

5. The University of Creative Arts in the United Kingdom has always been committed to cultivating future top artists, architects and designers for the world, and has achieved impressive results. Alumni include Oscar-winning film director Gareth Edwards, world-renowned fashion designer Zandra Rhodes and Karen Millen, Turner Award nominee Tracy Emin, TV entertainer Tony Hart, costume designer Martin Lambie and more.

6. The UK University of Creative Arts has five campuses, located in: Canterbury (Canterbury), Epsom (Greater London) (Epsom), Farnham (Farnham), Maidstone (Maidstone) and Rochester ( Rochester).

7. The campus has independent teaching buildings, art studios, teaching buildings, and student dormitories, providing the most advanced facilities and environment for art design and creation.

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8. On May 12, UCA’s Shanghai Center was officially completed, and the campus was set up at SWXianda Hongkou Campus.

This is the end of this article, I hope it will be helpful to everyone.

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