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Rubén Uñac: “Life’s circumstances put me here today, and I’m not going to get my ass out of the syringe”

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Rubén Uñac: “Life’s circumstances put me here today, and I’m not going to get my ass out of the syringe”

The ruling party of San Juan announced that Rubén Uñac, brother of Sergio Uñac, will be the candidate for governor, after the Supreme Court of Justice suspended the elections for the position, alleging that the current president was not eligible for re-election. In his first speech as a candidate, he assured that “I am not going to syringe his ass out”, and recalled the story of “two idiots”, for him and his brother.

“The circumstances of life put me here today, in this place, at this moment. And I’m not going to get my ass out of the syringe,” said the candidate.

“Because I have the support of the governor of the province, and the support of the candidate for lieutenant governor and the support of all of you. But it is not support for me, it is support for San Juan, for our movement, for our people,” he added. .

San Juan: Sergio Uñac confirmed his brother Rubén as the candidate for governor

And he remembered his brother: “We have been working with Sergio’s project for many years. And we were just two idiots. It was him and I who followed him, the biggest idiot but he followed him.”

Who is Rubén Unac?

Ruben Unac He is currently a national senator and in the formula for the provincial Executive for the vote on July 2, he will be accompanied by Cristian Andino.

The presentation of the binomial of come on saint john It was held this Monday during a ceremony at a farm in Rivadavia.

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The legislator has a term in the Senate until December 10, is a very low profile leader and already has the experience of having been Lieutenant Governor of José Luis Gioja between 2007 and 2011.

The fact that he is finally the replacement for Sergio Unac It was due to the idea of ​​keeping the last name on the official party ballots, which could strengthen the re-election project.

The Supreme Court ruled against Sergio Uñac and he will not be able to be a candidate for governor in San Juan

At the polls, his opponent will be the deputy Marcelo Orregowho heads the list of Together for Change.

The Government of San Juan announced that the elections for governor of that province will be the July 2nd. The date was announced after the Court will confirm the disqualification of Sergio Uñac.

Sergio Uñac could go for a national position

The people of San Juan already went to the polls on May 14 to elect legislators and municipal authorities, while awaiting the ruling of the highest court on Uñac’s candidacy, which was finally disqualified.

For his part, Sergio Uñac did not rule out competing for a national position now that another mandate in the province was banned. “It is not safe and I do not rule out anything either. Today we have to continue this process, what my person is going to do is irrelevant,” he said in this regard days ago.

This year, in addition to being able to integrate some national formula, Sergio Uñac could be a candidate for senator or national deputy.

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