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RuirUiruI’s debut “DRAGON REBORN” is about to open the Rui multiverse, the rebirth of the dragon

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RuirUiruI’s debut “DRAGON REBORN” is about to open the Rui multiverse, the rebirth of the dragon

Source title: RuirUiruI’s debut “DRAGON REBORN” is about to open the Rui multiverse, the rebirth of plastic dragon

“The original intention of the RuirUiruI brand is to “explore the true self”.”

With the development of the times, the changes of society, the abundance of material things, the spiritual world has become chaotic.

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The freedom that I long for in my heart is nowhere to be found.

The RuirUiruI brand is based on the original intention of exploring spiritual freedom and full soul, and the core idea of ​​establishing the brand.

RuirUiruI has assembled the design team and management team of the new generation of post-80s and 90s, hoping to give more outstanding young designers the opportunity to demonstrate their abilities and realize their own value through the brand platform. RUI partners strive to break the step-by-step model of the industry, gain insight into trends and hot spots, present more empathetic design ideas and product concepts, and grow together with consumers.

The RuirUiruI brand is committed to integrating cultural heritage into design, craftsmanship and more. Outline the body shape with stitches, show the taste of the fabric, and explore the uniqueness that only belongs to you with the definition of design for RUI friends.

“RuirUiruI’s brand culture respects diversity and recognizes every possibility.”

RurUiruI is keen on uniqueness and longs for brand friends who can accept a diverse self. RuirUiruI hopes to have a spiritual resonance with brand friends, so that more people can see a different self.

The brand revolves around the setting of infinite, infinite, and genderless, ageless, eager to empathize with more groups, and lead more people who love life to enter this utopian world full of stories.

RurUiruI’s original intention is to convey the freedom of human nature, to create opportunities for everyone in their own times, and to give everyone the opportunity to feel the true self.

“Born to be human, why not?”

Being born is “involuntary”. When we are born as human beings, there is always nothing we can do. You cannot decide your own birth.

And “do your own thing”, the growth after birth is determined by our own efforts.

For “maverick”, no matter how good or bad, regardless of direction, how to walk is destined to be unique. Because there is only one “I” in the world.

This unique “I” is the “true self”. Of course the “real self” needs to be explored.

“I” as a human being cannot be controlled, and no matter what, it is the direction in which “I” can move forward and work hard. Perhaps the purpose of being born as a human being is to find “what”. The establishment of RurUiruI is to gather unique “I” and gather more interesting souls.

“As a new generation brand, RuirUiruI’s biggest advantage and core competitiveness is the diversification of original power and the vitality of young blood.”

Creation requires inspiration, while design requires a sense of life. In addition to being beautiful, a good garment can also give the viewer a spiritual shock. RurUiruI pays attention to the combination of humanities and brands, and is committed to creating a utopia of art and spiritual life, rebuilding themselves for those who pursue freedom, and building a bridge to the spiritual world of the past.

RuirUiruI never rigidly prescribes the designer’s line, and allows it to grow and develop freely, and lead the brand to progress with the growth of the designer. Refuse to follow the crowd and insist on being yourself is the first criterion for exploring your true self.

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「《Dragon Reborn》」

As a brand with original intention, RuirUiruI, based on the humanistic spirit, integrates freedom and pure design concept, is committed to exploring the true self with unique design, and cooperates with artist Gu Yuan in this 23SS show with consistent creative power.

The upcoming 2023ss debut will be based on the theme of Dragon Reborn, expressing the myriad changes of the dragon, showing its image of auspiciousness and evil, and reflecting RUI’s brand spirit of encouraging the diversity of original power through its many changes combined with the design. Lead the audience to find a different self and a different descendant of the dragon through the existence of the dragon in this big show.

The organizer hopes to build everyone’s understanding of the RuirUiruI brand through this big show, so that everyone can feel the brand culture through the form of clothing, and at the same time convey the brand concept with the theme of “Dragon Reborn”.

The first show of RuirUiruI will combine the pioneering concept from design to craftsmanship, reflect the theme of “Dragon Reborn” with bold and avant-garde silhouettes, and use the most familiar but most unexpected materials to combine into accessories for production. Combine high-tech digital products to deliver brand culture.

The design elements are also ingeniously integrated into the installation space, while the secondary creation of art is carried out, and the brand spirit of RuirUiruI is displayed with figurative beauty. When the simple style is integrated with bright colors, the cutting-edge technology collides with memories and transitions, a visual feast of extreme contrast is about to open. The perfect combination of fun fashion and psychedelic electronic music will open the curtain of instant and boundless with a rhythmic audio-visual experience.

In the “Dragon Reborn” show, you will be immersed in the dream of utopia. There is beauty, but also darkness. Through this show, the brand will show the multi-faceted world, find resonance, and explore its own unique soul.

To keep exploring and pursuing, your utopia is just ahead. There are many aspects of everything, and it should break the definition. Create opportunities for everyone in their own time.

RurUiruI will use this big show to gather the descendants of the dragon, and look forward to feeling love and beauty with you, adhering to the original intention, chasing dreams, and watching the wonderful “Dragon Reborn” together.

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