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Rush to Register Qing Hairpin Trademark: Multiple Applicants, Heated Discussions, and Finalization

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The Journey of the Hairpin Sparks Trademark Rush

With the highly anticipated TV series “The Journey of the Hairpin” set to be released tomorrow, the trademark “Qing Hairpin Xing” has become a hot topic of discussion among netizens. According to Tianyancha’s intellectual property information, many parties have rushed to register the Qing Hairpin Trademark, including cultural communication, network technology, construction and installation companies, and natural persons. The international classification for the trademark includes advertising sales, education and entertainment, clothing, shoes, and hats, among others.

Of particular note is the registration of multiple “Qing Hairpin” trademarks by Xinli TV Culture Investment Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Xinli Media, the producer of “The Journey of the Hairpin”. The company applied for registration in July 2019, with the trademark status currently listed as registered. This move indicates the company’s commitment to safeguarding the intellectual property rights associated with the highly-anticipated TV series.

The news of the trademark rush comes amidst excitement surrounding the upcoming release of “The Journey of the Hairpin”, starring popular actors Yang Zi and Peng Guanying. The TV series is scheduled to premiere tomorrow and will be broadcast the day after, creating a buzz among viewers.

Tianyancha has reprinted this article, emphasizing that the purpose is to convey information and does not signify agreement with the views expressed or responsibility for its authenticity. Readers are reminded that the article is for reference only and does not constitute investment or application advice. Tianyancha retains the final right to interpret this statement and invites individuals to notify them of any content-related issues, copyright disputes, or other concerns for prompt resolution.

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