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Sa Shuang female polygrapher starts high-energy to solve the case, “The True Detective of Lies” starts tonight-Chinanews.com

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 Sa Shuang female polygrapher starts high-energy to solve the case, “Mango Monsoon” theater “The Detective of Lies” will be broadcast tonight

There are struggles, despair, and the brilliance of small characters blooming in this. The second short drama of “Mango Monsoon”, “The Detective of Lies”, today released the warm version of the ultimate trailer. The emotional connection between multiple characters touches people’s hearts. Show the delicacy and warmth of the drama. “Detective Lies” is produced by Mango TV, Hunan Satellite TV, Mango Super Media, Xiaoran Pictures, Golden Shield Film and Television Cultural Center of the Ministry of Public Security, Free Cool Whale, Mango Incubation Fund, directed by Zhang Siqing, Yu Nan, Xing Jiadong, Wang Wei, Yuan Fufu Starring Gao Yuxi and Zhang Yue’s special appearance, the first domestic female polygrapher’s criminal investigation short drama will be broadcast simultaneously on Hunan Satellite TV and Mango TV at 22:00 today. The drama started with a tense and subtle atmosphere. Ling Ran (Yu Nan), a female polygrapher, appeared on the stage. Her keen and decisive observation ability instantly caught the criminal suspect’s loopholes. In a question-and-answer interrogation, the first A criminal case is gradually unfolding.

Female polygrapher debuts neatly, delicate female perspective and in-depth plot case

“You only need to answer yes or no.” Ling Ran, a female polygrapher, opened with a serious and simple sentence, opening the trial of the first domestic violence murder case in the play. Facing the criminal suspect’s sleek sophistry, Ling Ran was full of domineering, using words and sentences like a sword to hit the key, so that the lie had nowhere to hide. When faced with the indifference and stubbornness of the criminal suspect, Ling Ran again used a soft and calm tone to let the witness or the suspect take off their psychological defenses, which promoted the close development of the plot. As a result, the motive of the crime, the process of the crime, and other details have been in-depth reasoned, and the professional charm of female polygraphers has gradually revealed. Not only that, but Ling Ran’s presentation in the play also extends from career to life. The multiple identities of mother and wife in the family have many differences and freshness in the portrayal of their roles. From the perspective of a female polygrapher, “True Detective” is easier to empathize with the victim, has a softer side, and is more affinity. In her sight, she can see the desperate psychology of the suspect under the motive through the surface criminal behavior. Between empathy and jurisprudence, she can see more dimensional cases, provide updated problem-solving ideas, and make progress more refreshed. The plot is ups and downs.

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 Capture the good and evil of human nature to realize value expression with high-concentration topics

In the play, through the reasoning of the case, combined with the interrogation dialogue of the criminal suspect, the cold case flashes with warm expressions of good and evil in human nature. In the first case, the wife who was domestically assaulted became the murderer of her husband. She endured physical and mental pain in fears day and night, and many lines hit people’s hearts. In the process of lie detection of confession, the discussion of the intention and starting point of the lie can not help but make people think about relevant social issues. In addition to highlighting the good and evil of human nature in cases, “True Lies” also emphasizes the role of “people”. The psychological changes of suspects and witnesses in the face of lie detection show the contradictions and complexity of human nature. A rhetorical question: “Have you ever tasted the feeling of being stepped under your feet in your life?” The rich emotions of helplessness and despair are released, making the character very fresh and flesh-and-blood. In different cases, the play has portrayed a number of characters that are rich in stories and different in nature. From lying to willingness to reveal the truth, some people are remorseful and some still hold evil thoughts, making the plot more real and moving.

“Truth Lies” creates a topical space for multiple interpretations through typical cases, expressing opposition to social issues such as domestic violence and the protection of minors. The high concentration of topics makes the series more interesting and empathetic, tracers, victims, and onlookers The brilliance of human nature emanating from various roles such as the actor will also bring a steady stream of touches to the audience, realize emotional resonance, and pay attention to different female groups to give their voices. Starting from June 21st, the show will be broadcast simultaneously on Hunan Satellite TV and Mango TV every Monday and Tuesday at 22:00. Members of Mango TV will watch it for a week first, locking in the suspense of the “Mango Monsoon” theater, the female polygraph and the story of the case. Announced immediately.

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