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Salon skug with FREE ENERGY BAND and enns – mica

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Salon skug with FREE ENERGY BAND and enns – mica

The Salon skug goes into its last round for this year on December 14th at the 4lthangrund cultural center. The FREIE ENERGIE BAND and enns will be there, as well as a talk about the lack of gender equality in the Austrian music scene.


Screw the electricity costs. We let energy flow! This threesome is getting us into existential difficulties anyway – with pop affectations or high-visibility vests that don’t keep you warmer than three Mäc menus from the Chancellor, but they blast as if we had already used up the psychotropic drugs for the coming winter by the second weekend in Advent.

≠≠≠ enns

Kenji Araki and Ybsole are enns. That would be: Autotune and 2000s and cloud punk perpetrators – the whole range, nicely wrapped so that the thing holds up reasonably well, with a chic Fragile sticker on top. By the way: Kenji Araki has a very good solo record right now Affine Records made. Ybsole join in too. Once again: good game!

≠≠≠ skug talk: “Where is gender equality in the Austrian music scene?”

The Austrian music scene likes to present itself to the outside world with an open mindset. However, the structural conditions of the industry speak a completely different language: Studies such as the German MALISA study show specifically how bad gender equality is in music. But also surveys BMKOES show that the proportion of women in music is particularly low compared to other art disciplines. We want with ours skug Talk talk about why that is the case, what discrimination you are confronted with as a FLINTA* and what strategies there are to fight against it. Sitting at the podium: Tinou Ponzer (VIMÖAwA*), Lucy Bacchanal (DJ), Karin Tonsern (Sisters of Music), Anna Barbieri (artist).

≠≠≠ MALMOE Booklet presentation

#105 Baby!

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≠≠≠ Punch under the palm trees

20:00 skug Talk
21:45 MALMOE Brochure presentation
22:15 enns

Admission is free, donations requested – we look forward to seeing you!

Salon shade is the series of events shadow with changing programs and changing locations.

More information at https://skug.at and https://facebook.com/skugjournal

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