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SampleScience Releases Free 1960s Piano Virtual Instrument

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SampleScience Releases Free 1960s Piano Virtual Instrument

SampleScience’s 1960s Piano is a free VST and AU plug-in format virtual piano instrument based on the Kawai Model 600 semi-grand piano released in the early 60’s.

Kawai is a Japanese company originally established in the late 1920s. They are known for pioneering alternative materials and making pianos that last.

The classic sound of the Kawai Model 600 shines through in the 1960s Piano plug-in.

This virtual instrument features an efficient layout and an easy-to-use interface. Producers can choose from basic ADSR controls, as well as a preamp and portamento controls.

The sound of this piano is warm and retro, yet slightly modern.

With four velocity layers, the 1960s Piano maintains a retro and natural feel despite being a virtual instrument.

“This is the perfect piano for your lo-fi beats, indie rock, and lo-fi vibes,” says SampleScience!

They also added other effects like a multipurpose LFO with various controls like LFO waveform, destination and source.

The built-in LFO makes it easy for producers to further modify their vintage piano sounds without the need for extensive external plug-ins.

In addition to this LFO, SampleScience includes filters, sound modes and velocity curves for you.

Velocity curves help maintain the authenticity of a real-life piano, which is often missing in virtual instruments. Producers can adjust the included curves depending on whether you want a softer or harder tone.

Users can also choose between LPF or HPF and three different sound modes: polyphonic, monophonic and legato.

As a final note, SampleSciene adds a built-in room reverb. This allows for some vintage and dreamy piano sounds.

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The 1960s Piano also has a master pan, volume and cutoff controls to assist with mixing.

The 1960s Piano is compatible with Windows 8.1/10/11 and above or macOS El Capitan and above. This plugin is available in VST, VST3 and AU formats.

free download:

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