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San Luis: they were fishing in the dam and found a war grenade

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San Luis: they were fishing in the dam and found a war grenade

A particular and alarming situation recently took place in the Potrero de los Funes dam, province of saint Louis. Two fishermen found an unexploded war grenade.

The situation occurred this Saturday, when the men were fishing on the shores of the water mirror, located 15 kilometers from the San Luis capital. Under these circumstances, one of them noticed the presence of the object a few meters from where they were fishing.

They immediately contacted the police. The Explosives Division of Firefighters of the San Luis Police arrived at the place where the grenade was located, 200 meters from a well-known hotel in the area, and with their specialized equipment they began to work.

The explosive device was deteriorated and corroded by the impact of the water, so that, after the work, the agents proceeded to carry out a controlled detonation.

As reported in the police report, the grenade was military-made and was in “poor condition.” In addition, they explained that the finding was possible thanks to the downspout of the dam.

Before the detonation, the personnel carried out a search in the area to rule out if there were more explosive elements, but they did not find anything.

The agents must have detonated the device.  (The Journal of the Republic)

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