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“Sand Dune” releases role poster Sweet Tea Zhang Zhen leads the interpretation of sci-fi giant-news-nanhai.com

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1905 Film Network News The new godfather of science fiction movies Dennis Villeneuve (director of “Arrival” and “Blade Runner 2049” directed by Hollywood legendary science fiction giant “Dune” released a character poster. The film is based on the famous science fiction novel of Frank Herbert, Timothy Chalamet, Rebecca Ferguson, Oscar Isaac, Josh Brolin, Strand Skarsgard, Starring Zandaya, Zhang Zhen, Jason Momoa, Javier Baden. This time, “Sweet Tea” Timothy Chalamet, actor Zhang Zhen and other leading heroes, the main characters of the three major camps in the film are more collectively seated, interpreting the all-star charm of the top science fiction IP, and once again igniting the audience’s expectations after confirming the introduction of the mainland news .

“Dune” role poster staged an all-star feast, three camps show the grand interstellar dispute

The movie “Dune” is adapted from the famous science fiction novel by Frank Herbert, about the talented teenager Paul Etridi (played by Timothy Chalamet) under the guidance of fate to go to the most dangerous dune planet in the universe to fight monsters The story of upgrading and becoming a young hero. The temptation of precious resources, the competition of many forces, and the threat of mysterious behemoths bring a thrilling alien adventure. As fans around the world have been eagerly looking forward to the Hollywood science fiction giant for half a century, I believe that this movie “Dune” will present an unprecedented sci-fi vision to the audience on the big screen.

The character posters featured this time include three camps, namely, the Utredi family who set off for Dune Planet: Paul (played by Timothy Chalamet), Mrs. Jessica (played by Rebecca Ferguson), and Reto The Duke (played by Oscar Isaac), Connie (played by Josh Brolin), Doctor Yue (played by Zhang Zhen), Duncan Idaho (played by Jason Momoa); Huck who has already occupied the planet of Dune The South Family: Baron Hacknan (played by Strand Skarsgard), he is the most brutal tyrant in the universe; and the mysterious and dangerous aboriginal Freman on Dune Planet: Chini (played by Zandaya) ), Steerger (played by Javier Baden), they have survived in the desert for generations and have strong adaptability and “secret weapons.” Among them, the Etridi family has been respected and loved by everyone for generations of loyalty and benevolence, and the brutal Hacknan family is the greatest enemy of the Etridi family. With the confrontation of multiple factions and the undercurrent of unknown forces behind it, a vast interstellar dispute is about to begin. Among the role posters, the appearances of “Sweet Tea” Timothy Chalamet and Zhang Zhen are the most concerned by domestic audiences. Paul (played by Timothy Chalamet) seemed to tell a mysterious heroic story with piercing eyes, while Doctor Yue (played by Zhang Zhen) raised his hand and half-covered his face with a complex expression. With just a few posters, you can get a glimpse of everyone’s acting skill and degree of reduction, which is very exciting.

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The new godfather of Hollywood science fiction constructs a new experience of scheduled movie watching in Dune World’s annual movie

After dedicating two Oscar-level sci-fi masterpieces “Arrival” and “Blade Runner 2049” one after another, the director Dennis Villeneuve has become well-known in the fan world as “the new godfather of Hollywood science fiction” and filmed the movie “Dune”. It has always been Dennis Villeneuve’s dream. This time, after taking over the guide for the movie “Dune”, Villeneuve strives to turn the science fiction classic into a new work that breaks through the current imagination and sci-fi genre. To this end, he constructed a magnificent world of sand dunes with a cold and orderly visual style, real shots in the Jordan desert, and a unique immersive experience.

The behind-the-scenes production team of the movie “Dune” is even more powerful. Oscar-nominated photographer Greg Fleiser (“The Lion”, “Star Wars Story: Rogue One”) has won the Oscar for Best Costume Designer Jacqueline West (“Little Women” and “Wild Hunter”), action director Tom Strathurs (“Batman Dark Knight Trilogy” and “Inception”), twice won Patrice Wimet, nominated for Best Art Director Oscar (“Arrival” and “Border Killer”), Joe Walker, nominated for two Oscars for Best Editing (“Blade Runner 2049”, “Arrival”, Twelve Years), two Oscar winners Paul Lambert (“First Man on the Moon” and “Blade Runner 2049”), Oscar winner of Best Special Effects Gerdner Ze (“Blade Runner 2049”) and Oscar winner Hans Zimmer (“Blade Runner 2049”, “Inception”, “The Lion King” and other gold medal teams joined the film to jointly create the film “Dune” This masterpiece.

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The Hollywood sci-fi masterpiece “Dune” has been confirmed to be introduced in mainland China and will be released worldwide soon.

Original title: “Sand Dune” released the role poster Sweet Tea Zhang Zhen led the interpretation of the science fiction giant

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