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Sarram – Pàthei Màthos – Album Review

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Sarram – Pàthei Màthos – Album Review

Sarram – Pathei Máthos
Origin: Sardinia / Italy
Release: 01.09.2023
Label: Subsound Records
Duration: 40:00
Genre: Ambient / Post Rock

Photo Credit: Jessica Secci

Two years after its last release Tree the Sardinian kidnapped us Valerio Marras if Sarram again in sound spheres that can hardly be adequately described with the usual genre designations. Also the meanwhile fifth work Pathei Mathos invites you on an emotionally difficult to grasp journey into your own emotional world.

is supported November by artist like Lili Refrain, Dalila Kayros and Tobias Vethake as known as Sicker Man, who have created their own cosmos in the area of ​​Dark Wave. And it remains to state: the dense atmosphere Pathei Mathos speaks for this cooperation. At the predecessor Tree I wrote that it was not for the faint of heart. This only applies to a limited extent here.

The vocal parts of the guest artists, it shouldn’t be called singing, as well as the carefully but effectively used guitar sounds and instruments like the mandolin and kalimba ensure that the listener is no longer overwhelmed by the darkness, but feels safe and soft in it feels bedded. I have a hard time with playing tips on a record that only works as a whole.

Illustrious guests in a melancholic masterpiece

I particularly like the lifted title track Pathei Mathos with a Lili Refrain, which literally floats above the clouds. Or Lotus Questin which the grandiose interplay of guitar and electric cello from the Sicker Man almost moved to tears. Not much more worldly, but with a beautiful mandolin and a lot of folk pathos Korimai supported by Dalila Kayros.

Compared to the predecessor touches me Pathei Mathos more often, although that one has already done good things in my limbic system. The new work is richer, and here too there is Sarram as an artist for whom an insular melancholy with a portion of being close to home is important and makes this very noticeable in his previous works. Pathei Mathos is the culmination of this development so far.

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The fifth album, created entirely in his native Sardinia Pathei Mathos confirms the post rock project S A R R A M as a rich and highly emotional masterpiece. There is a lot to discover and experience here. 9,5 / 10

Line Up
Valerio Marras – guitar / effects, synths, glockenspiel, mandolin, kalimba

01. A Floating Sun
02. Pâthei Màthos (mit Lili Refrain)
03. Lotus Quest (with Sicker Man)
04. Roll
05. Korimai (with Dalila Kayros)
06. Slow care, Heavy wires
07. Calm down
08. Long live, Farewell.

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