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Savaged – Night Stealer – Album Review

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Savaged – Night Stealer – Album Review

Savaged – Night Stealer
Origin: Barcelona / Spain
Release: 26.01.2024
Label: No Remorse Records
Duration: 38:39
Genre: Heavy / Speed Metal

Photo Credit: Marc Teruel

The Spaniards of Savaged were founded in 2021 and have already earned a lot of praise with just one EP. This debut Night Stealer contains a total of seven songs plus an intro. Both songs from the first EP are also included, albeit polished again, which is particularly true of the track Stealing the Night does well.

In terms of style, the best 1980s heavy metal is on offer. Nothing is there Night Stealer reinvented, but everything was recorded with fun, emotions and lots of HoHoHo choirs. That’s why some of the listeners will realize that everything has been there before, but the rest of the group, including myself, doesn’t care. If it’s simply good and comes from the heart, then please keep having more of it.

Speed ​​metal with a 1980s twist

Savaged open with lightning speed I Will Fight and draw audible parallels to current genre colleagues like Enforcer, Ambush and Traveler on the day. But let’s be honest, these bands also clearly have their origins in the golden age of NWOBHM. That’s why the roots and references should actually be there Accept and Tokyo Blade, both unmistakably contained, as well Saxon and Judas Priest be called. The last two mentioned can be found primarily in the guitar harmonies and solos. Grey-haired metalhead, what more could you want?

The typical metal clichés are not left out either. That’s why it works with songs like Tons of Leather and a galloping one Knights of Metal further. There are definitely positive vibes and a lot of guitar work. It doesn’t matter that either Savaged in the second part of Tons of Leather join in shamelessly Accept their anthem Balls To The Wall serve. And it will not be the only parallel to the Teutonic models.

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But what clearly sets the Spaniards apart from the average band is the frontman’s singing Jamie Killhead, who covers a nice broad spectrum vocally. From deep chest sounds to sharp screams, the same King Diamondthe frontman can cover everything and his vocals are clearly above the average of other bands.

A little bit of horror

Apropos King Diamond: with the double track Welcome to… as an intro and the following Elm Street offer Savaged a nice dose of horror. The sacred keyboards in the background build a good mood. Everyone hears HERE the role models, but also the singer’s vocal ability. I think that Elm Street represents a good cut through the band’s work. That’s why every listener has to decide for themselves whether the many oh-hohos and whooos are a bit overused. For me the song is a great vocal performance with overloaded choirs and unfortunately a too short guitar solo at the end.

Savaged They don’t do any experiments anymore and play their way through fast metal numbers that are steeped in clichés Money Sucks and produced significantly better than the first EP Stealing the Night. Finally there is a portion Helloween in the form of the quick number Running for Your Love (Tonight). Again we notice the good vocal performance and a nice guitar playing, but also a familiar knitting pattern. As the final bouncer, there is the track for you HERE to listen to.

Everything doesn’t always have to be reinvented if it’s like this Night Stealer just fun. Nevertheless, you can feel a deliberate maximum of choirs, positive vibes and metallic clichés on the debut. That the numbers didn’t wear out too quickly Savaged mainly thanks to the vocal performance of their frontman. 7,5 / 10

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Line Up
Aleix Harris – Bass
Joan Grimalt – Rhythmusgitarre
Cristian Blade – bass, drums
Jamie Killhead – lead guitar, vocals

01. I Will Fight
02. Tons Of Leather
03. Knights Of Metal
04. Welcome To …
05. Elm Street
06. Money Sucks
07. Stealing The Night
08. Running For Your Love (Tonight)

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