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[Save this photo]Malicious association is prohibited?Weibo blocked the topic “#Actor Tranquility speaks for Xuzhou Iron Chain Girl” – China Digital Times

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[Save this photo]Malicious association is prohibited?Weibo blocked the topic “#Actor Tranquility speaks for Xuzhou Iron Chain Girl” – China Digital Times

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title:[Save this photo]Malicious association is prohibited? Weibo blocked the topic “#Actor Tranquility speaks for Xuzhou Iron Chain Girl”
author:China’s digital age
Date of publication:2022.8.8
Subject classification:Fengxian iron chain girl
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On August 5, actor Ning Jing shared a set of personal photos on his Weibo account. Some netizens found that two of the dresses had “chain elements” in the style and were wearing chain-style necklaces. A subtle way to speak for the “Feng County Iron Chain Girl” incident.


Some netizens discussed this dress on Weibo. One point of view is that the quiet style will indeed remind people of the “Feng County Iron Chain Girl”. When this incident disappeared, the iron chain dress will objectively bring people a kind of feeling. Reminder, and it appeared in the popular TV show “Sister Riding the Wind and Waves”.




Another point of view is that this is purely the over-association of netizens, and there is no need to “put too many elements of politics and justice” on actors. In fact, “chain elements” are a relatively common fashion element in the clothing industry. On many occasions can be seen.


A few months ago, the athlete Gu Ailing was “maliciously interpreted” by netizens for holding an iron chain as “Gu Ailing speaks for the iron chain girl”, and now some netizens have continued this advanced black style.

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Some netizens reminded Ning Jing’s personal Weibo that the message on the top shows that he has no subjective motive to set foot in the current political restricted area.


In addition, some Weibo netizens tried to use this to initiate the topic “#Actor Tranquility speaks for Xuzhou Iron Chain Girl”, but this topic was blocked.


The following are excerpts from the comments of netizens by the editor of China Digital Times:

ferwoo1990: Chain girl? Or let women have the courage to break free from the shackles? Tranquility’s clothes in Sister Riding the Wind and Waves are quite interesting.

MikeJons003: Ning Jing wore a costume with several chains printed on it to attend the event, and publicly engaged in performance art to express her concern about the chain girl incident.

Kaththryn: I think Tranquility wears the chain element dress that has nothing to do with the chain girl at all. When the netizens turn around too much, she will be blocked when the time comes, and the chain element will be blocked on the stage in the future. How could there be anyone in the entertainment industry? Dare to speak up for the chain girl… I think too much.

lidongze1991: The iron chain on the clothes represents the eight-child iron chain girl, the red, yellow and blue flowers in her hands represent the red, yellow and blue kindergarten, and the two iron signs on the earrings represent the beating incident at the Tangshan BBQ restaurant. The hairstyle is the same as that of Peng Shuai. Tranquility is humiliating.

peterngau6: Don’t think too much. Tranquility is a vested interest. It’s just that he has been intoxicated with interests for a long time and never cared about any woman in Xuzhou. Designers are more like the brilliance of human nature. Kudos to the designer!

oZAMQvCJpMp09uc: Just an actor, there is absolutely no need to put too many elements of politics and justice. Chains around women’s necks are ugly and cold, and serene chain shirts are artistic and sexy.

isosys-: Ning Ning wears casual clothes to speak up for Fengxian Iron Chain Girl. I wonder what a group of people are moved by there?Voice has always been straightforward and firm. How can someone who hits the ball be called a voice… My evaluation is not as good as Zhang Yuqi

Wudong Shaoxia: The design of BIG’s guts.

hrxx-hrxx: No matter what she thinks, I think it’s a good thing that when this dress comes out, it sparks discussion and deepens the impression of the chain.

The Northwest King is thinner: Tranquility and her team are unlikely to take the initiative to speak for the chain girl, but the clothes she wears are an important symbol of this year. I don’t think she’s putting on a show, and the coupling still makes a lot of sense to me.

saisons_L: The fact that she can wear that dress only means that the chain girl is considered by most of the people in the wall to be over, to turn the page, and it doesn’t matter. I guess her PR team must be very nervous right now.

catcatcrash :OMG if the clothes are not a coincidence…the necklace OMG…..

My teammates four dogs, RE: The costumes may be a coincidence, but the forwarding is not. There should be more designs like this, and I want to buy them too.

Wu La La-nana: I would like to thank you even if I make a mistake.

Chen Peng’s Interpretation of Dreams: Was the inspiration for the person who designed this chain suit for Ning Jing from Fengxian Chain Girl?

Feiyangyang and Xiyangyang: I think it’s just a coincidence to see the quiet top Weibo. It’s neither a voice, nor a traffic jam.

Wang Qiang Towel: Don’t be jealous, don’t guess. Looking at the results, the people once again knew the suffering of the chains.

Tzmhbqsajp: I think she’s just ignorant.

If there is no torch: “We still remember”, even if it is an excessive interpretation. We all remember too.

Crystal Boy Zhao Dezhu: I don’t think she is speaking, but this picture does remind everyone that “we all remember it”.

Flower Phoenix Abandoned Marriage forHer: Anyway, I have to think in this regard!

Meow Fat Jin: Whether she means that or not, we will treat her as if she has it.

Wang Xiujin: This wave is okay, how to interpret it is the freedom of the audience.

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