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Scania will invest 27 million dollars in Tucumán to increase production and exports

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Scania will invest 27 million dollars in Tucumán to increase production and exports

Scania Argentina will implement an investment plan for USD 27 million this year in the plant it owns in the province of Tucumán to increase production and exports.

The Scania plant, which is 100% exporting, Its main destination is Brazil (95%) and Switzerland (5%). Of the total investments, USD18 million will be applied to the plant located in the Tucuman town of Colombres, for the new generation of products, machinery, and infrastructure and skills development, and USD 9 million will be allocated to the service network.

“Scania has been present uninterruptedly in Argentina for 47 years, and we continue to bet on the company’s growth in this country,” said the CEO of Scania Argentina, Oscar Jaern, adding: “For us, the quality of services provided in regards to Maintenance and commercial attention is just as important as our products, hence this investment”.

The new gearboxes that Scania manufactures in Tucumán were presented last year in the country, and are characterized by dispensing with gear synchronizers.

Fuel savings

Due to its characteristics, together with its intelligent design in terms of internal lubrication, and its adaptive gear management that selects the most appropriate, allow to obtain excellent results in terms of fuel economy.

“This new 2023 investment plan for Scania in Argentina adds to the last 11 years of strong investments with a total of US$ 135 million, always focused on supplying global demand, through the new generation of products, updating of machinery, sustainability, updating of infrastructure and development of new skills,” the company said.

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According to data from ADEFA, in February production in the automotive industry grew 22.9% year-on-year, exports rose 19.7% in units and wholesale sales to the domestic market 18.5%.

In the first two months the rise in production was 30.5% against the same period of 2022 and exports in units increased 20.4%.

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