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Scarlet Anger – Martyr – Album Review

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Scarlet Anger – Martyr – Album Review

Scarlet Anger – Martyr
Origin: Luxembourg
Release: 20.01.2024
Label: self-release
Duration: 35:10
Genre: Thrash Metal

The Luxembourg thrash metallers from Scarlet Anger got together back in 2007 and have so far released two EPs and two albums.

The last album Freak Show from 2016 was consistently highly praised. That’s why the seven years of waiting until the current release are over Martyr felt like twice as long.

The perfect, rousing mix

Now, Thrash Metal isn’t my preferred genre, because I get bored quickly with pure clapperboard. But Scarlet Anger make it easy for us to keep them in our ears and hearts. From the intense and outgoing opener The Destroyer Hardness, groove and melodies combine to form a rousing mixture. The cutting riffs meet a martial singer and are rounded off with precise production.

The band doesn’t always just rely on the speed of the genre, but can also, as in No Time, inspire at mid-tempo. Some riffs and approaches are reminiscent of the greats of the genre. The title track Martyrthat man HERE can listen to, has such a succinct riff and dark feeling that you automatically just go to it Slayer and their South Of Heaven have to think. In terms of content, the song calls for freedom from obstacles in life. The fight against one’s own bastard is just as much up for debate as the personal liberation from negative influences in the environment – even if it hurts.

Great riffs and little details

What defines the band’s sound are the many details and ideas in the compositions and the production that supports this. Although the riff is always the focus, the rhythm section supports it, almost inconspicuously, like a wall. It’s often mid-tempo, but the dark feel and the frontman’s throaty organ create massive tension.

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Next to the opener The Destroyerthe title song Martyr are Hunger and the final one Behind The Mask my absolute favorites. I was particularly impressed by the last track with its six minutes. It slowly builds up. After celebrating the basic riff, the singer takes over while the band cleverly incorporates breaks. The song seems almost calm and fragile in the middle part. But Scarlet Anger master their craft and surprise with new energy and short, quick interludes.

Unfortunately, after many years there were only seven songs and a playing time of around 35 minutes. But as a consolation for everyone, only killers and no fillers await us!

Scarlet Anger doesn’t necessarily focus on speed and heaviness, but rather a dark and dense network of riffs, grooving energy and melodies. That’s why Martyr inspires from the first listen and grows through its details with each listen. 8,5 / 10
Line Up
Joe Block – vocals
Jeff Buchette – guitar
Fred Molitor – guitar
Vincent Niclou – Bass
Rod Sovilla – drums

01. The Destroyer
02. No Time
03. Martyr
04. Akrasia
05. Hunger
06. Divided
07. Behind The Mask

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