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Sci-fi movie ‘Finch’ starring Tom Hanks set for March 4th – yqqlm

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Sci-fi movie ‘Finch’ starring Tom Hanks set for March 4th – yqqlm

On March 2, the sci-fi film “Finch” starring Tom Hanks was scheduled to land on the video platform on March 4. One person, one dog and one robot, trying their best to survive in the apocalyptic wasteland, interpreting a heart-warming story.

The film is directed by “Game of Thrones” and “House” director Miguel Sapushnick, and “Doctor Strange” and “Blade Runner” screenwriter Minggel Sapushnick penned the screenplay. Tom Hanks, Caleb Landry Jones, Skeeter Ulrich, etc. starred, so they are very reliable from starring to behind the scenes, and the current Douban score is as high as 8.4. Known as the best sci-fi film in 2021, audiences have used words such as “moving” and “crying” to describe their viewing experience.

Sci-fi movie 'Finch' starring Tom Hanks set for March 4

With the continuous destruction of the ozone layer, crop failure, high temperature and ultraviolet rays have exceeded the limit of human survival, the end of the earth is coming. Finch is a technical nerd who spends his entire life in Missouri, never going out. He doesn’t like to communicate with others and lives with a dog. However, the harsh environment made Finch have a hunch that he will die soon. In order to take care of his dog in the future, he specially developed a nanny robot-Jeff. Jeff has a strong ability to learn and understand, is full of curiosity about the world, and dares to try new things, but because of this, he keeps making trouble and causing trouble.

Sci-fi movie 'Finch' starring Tom Hanks set for March 4

This film is not a disaster film in the traditional sense. The director did not pay much attention to the disaster. He gave up the heavy color when the disaster occurred, and simply touched it in one stroke, showing its terrible degree through the desolate world after the disaster. Moreover, it focuses on reflecting on emotions, building trust, and eloquently explaining the essence of human nature and the true meaning of life in the relationship between humans and machines. Relationship thinking.

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Sci-fi movie 'Finch' starring Tom Hanks set for March 4

Aside from the shell of science fiction, the core of “Finch” is more like a fairy tale. A man talks to a robot he makes and makes the robot feel emotional. The director focuses on reflecting on human nature and family affection. Compared with some traditional sci-fi films, the “pattern” of this film seems to be smaller, but on the contrary, compared with those heroes, an ordinary person’s story , the outlook on life, world outlook and values ​​reflected in his heart seem to be even more magnificent. This kind of story is more real and deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. The general public reflects the helplessness and selfishness in the face of disaster. They kill each other in order to snatch supplies. This leads to a crisis of trust between people. How to maintain their nature and nature in a crisis The heart is the greatest challenge to human nature.

Sci-fi movie 'Finch' starring Tom Hanks set for March 4

Finch represents all people, and each of us can find our own shadow in him and substitute our own emotions more or less. Whether it is human beings, animals or robots, they all have emotions, no matter what kind of disaster they experience, As long as there is true love in the world, it will not be destroyed.

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