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Science fiction blockbuster “Walking Chaos” releases a new poster Dutch brother becomes “humanoid barrage”_TOM Entertainment

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A youth science fiction blockbuster presented by Lionsgate“Walking in Chaos”Will be officially released tomorrow! The film today released a new poster of “Hidden Secrets”, revealing all of Todd’s (Dutch brother) thoughts in the form of a barrage, perfectly presenting the special sci-fi setting of “noise” in the movie. What exactly is “noise”? Why can’t Todd hide his thoughts? On August 27th, together with the Dutch brother, uncover the secrets behind the mysterious planet!

“Walk in Chaos” tells a weird story that happened on a foreign planet. In a small town, all men are like Todd in the poster. The thoughts in their minds are all around them like smoke, and there is nowhere to hide. Therefore, there is no privacy. When Viola (Star Wars Girl), a girl with no “noise”, unexpectedly arrived, the men here were like enemies, and the mayor (played by Uncle Ba) was even more painful to her, as if he wanted to cover up something. Kind of truth. In order to get rid of all false lies, Todd and Viola resolutely embarked on a dangerous and life-threatening adventure.

Science fiction blockbuster

The various thoughts that appeared on the poster also truly reflected Todd’s different moods of sadness or joy, confusion or determination on the way he grew up. The Dutch brother’s perfect interpretation of Todd in the film was praised by the cooperating actors. Wei Oiro said: “He is very mature emotionally. To interpret a character that is inherently innocent and goes through different stages, you need to see the changes in the character’s arc, and he did this naturally.” How the boy will transform into a man in his own right, the growth ceremony of the Dutch brother, it is worth looking forward to!

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Science fiction blockbuster

The “noise” setting is undoubtedly the most unique highlight of “Walking Chaos”. The brain activities of every man in the film will be visualized. How to let the audience experience all this on the big screen is the production team facing A big challenge. Screenwriter Patrick Nice said: “We have been thinking from the beginning, how to make it not like a mess and not confusing. For this, we tried many different ways.” In the whole team After careful polishing, the final result is satisfactory. Patrick Nestam said: “It’s simply perfect. This is an unprecedented effect, but the visual thoughts should be like this.” The singer “Little Joe” Nick Jonas, also played a man who was tortured by “noise”. For the novel concept of “humanoid barrage”, he did not hesitate to praise: “I think the visual effects are amazing. , The element of noise is something that people have never seen in movies.”

“Walking in Chaos” is produced by Lionsgate, imported by China Film Group, and published and translated by China Film Co., Ltd., assisted by Huayi Brothers Media Co., Ltd. and Beijing Poly Film Culture Media Co., Ltd. to promote it. It will be held in August It was officially released on the 27th.


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