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Scooter, “Beginner” fever – the Republic

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MILANO – Dedicated to those who have a mad desire to rent an electric scooter but do not know how to drive it. For them, the rental company Helbiz has provided for the Beginner mode, which for the first three trips sets the vehicle at a speed not exceeding 15 per hour. Not only that: this mode also provides for the parking control by a Helbiz operator, with the task of verifying that the vehicle has been parked correctly and in the right place.

The “Beginner” mode can be removed manually by those who use the scooter, if they think they are now an expert driver, and joins the national road civic education campaign that will start in schools this September, to provide tools and rules for younger generations.

After all, the data sweep away any doubts: according to an American study by Austin Public Health, about 30% of accidents occur during the first time the scooter is used while 63% during the first races, for a total of 93 % of the accident rate in the first few times of use of the vehicle. Alarming data that therefore make proper training very necessary, in order to use the scooter according to the law and common sense. (fp)


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