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Screenwriter of “Female Psychologist”: Watching and Healing Oneself Through Others’ Stories

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Original title: Screenwriter of “Female Psychologist”: Healing oneself through others’ stories

“Female Psychologist” is being interviewed by the screenwriter Zhu Li on Youku

Watch yourself and heal yourself through other people’s stories

Mental health issues are increasingly being valued by all sectors of society. In May of this year, the latest “2020 Public Mental Health Insights Report” showed that 19.8% of respondents in 2016 believed that psychological counseling was a weak performance, and only 2.79% of those still holding this view in 2020. As a result, “Female Psychologist” has attracted much attention from the beginning of filming.

The TV series “Female Psychologist” is currently being broadcast on Youku. It is adapted from the original work of the same name by Bi Shumin, directed by Ke Wenli, starring Yang Zi, Jing Boran, Wang Jia, Jian Renzi and others. It tells the story of female psychologist He Dunzai In the process of helping the “visitor” to solve the psychological problems, he is constantly healing others and at the same time getting a story of self-healing.

Guo Feng, the chief producer of “Female Psychologist”, said that he hopes that the audience can actively seek help from professional institutions and no longer fear psychological counseling when they find that they or others around them have similar problems after the show. And this is why the screenwriter Zhu Li deeply admires Bi Shumin: “The original novel was written more than ten years ago, and I think it’s even more remarkable. Teacher Bi dabbled in this aspect more than ten years ago, and she wants to pass this book. The novel helps people in need. I fully feel this. This is also what the novel touches me.”

Made a lot of preparations

But I still feel broken when I first wrote

Zhu Li revealed that he was deeply moved when he was reading the novel, but it was difficult to adapt it. Speaking of its difficulty, Zhu Li said that the first thing is time. After all, the novel was published in 2007. “After so many years, the industry has become more and more standardized, whether it is practitioners or industry rules, and what can be done in the novel is The current situation of the industry is not the same as it is now, so we need to keep up with the times. The second is that Mr. Bi wrote about the character status of the era in 2007, and our play is to be seen by the current audience. Every era pays attention to The points of anxiety and pain of people in each era are also different. Although there are similarities, there are many differences when it comes to an actual story. Therefore, our adaptation is at most doing this. Two adjustments, I hope to keep up with the pulse of the times.”

Zhu Li majored in film and television drama literature. Psychology is a completely unfamiliar field to her. For this reason, she made up a lot of homework. “I live in Shanghai, so I went to the School of Cognition and Psychology at China Normal University to study. The psychological counseling I understand and my understanding of psychology are very one-sided. The part covered by psychology is too big, and psychological counseling is only a very small application. We also went to the Department of Psychology of Beijing Normal University where Teacher Bi graduated , Interviewed some psychological counselors with the same background as the heroine of the novel, He Dun, who did not graduate from psychology, but passed the national psychologist qualification certificate, and has been doing psychological counseling in the social genre for more than ten years. Also interviewed. I have received some formal psychology education, including Ph.Ds who have returned from studying abroad. I interviewed all of them, and I probably found what a psychologist should look like.”

After doing so much preparation work, Zhu Li admitted that she was still jerky when she first wrote, “Especially when writing the first ten episodes, I found it very difficult for me to move forward. The main reason was that I wrote a strategy at the time. I used myself as a psychologist to perform, and I guessed what she would do, but the result was particularly unsuccessful. Because I had no idea what tone, language and skills a professional psychologist should use in the consultation room. To communicate with visitors, I can’t do it at all. I often finish writing’Houghton:’ and stop. I don’t know what she should say or what attitude she has towards these visitors, whether she is laughing or not. Laugh, what questions should I ask, I can only stop at this time.”

Later, Zhu Li changed his strategy, “I’m honest, I’m a screenwriter, I’m a story writer, I write the story well, and leave the professional part to a professional psychological counselor. We have a professional I will ask them for advice. Now there is a visitor who looks like this. If it were you, what kind of incision would you find and what to say? Slowly, I probably know what He Dun should say . As soon as the door of psychology opens, you will find that this is a vast ocean, including psychologists are all a lifelong learning process. After writing this play, they want me to prove it, but I think I can’t pass the exam because of this. It requires a very systematic study.”

The balance of drama and authenticity

Is a process of constant pulling

Talking about the professional help of the counseling team of psychologists to her script, Zhu Li said that “extraordinarily much”, “The simplest way is to call the “visitor” instead of the “patient”. This is the most basic. In addition, psychological counseling The job of a teacher is to communicate with visitors at a fixed time and at a fixed location. The visitors should talk about their own problems, not about my husband and my boyfriend. Third, the counselor It is completely different from ordinary doctors or police investigating cases. The consultant waits for you to walk in in the consultation room. He is not a character who voluntarily runs out and brings you in.”

In addition, Zhu Li also gave examples that there are some things that psychologists should not do. “For example, now there is a standard in the consulting industry. If you really encounter depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder during the consultation process For people with emotional disorders, the psychologist should first advise him to go to a regular psychiatric department for more professional treatment, because the psychologist does not have the right to prescribe. Then, the psychologist cooperates with the psychiatrist to do psychological counseling, both of which should be Yes, so the English name of our psychological counselor is called Psychologist, not psychiatrist. These two words clearly define two areas. When writing scripts, we must strictly follow the industry’s requirements for psychological counselors. This positioning cannot arbitrarily expand his effectiveness or expand the scope of his work. We hope to use a correct template to let everyone realize that the original psychological counselor’s work is like this and the things he handles are like this. In fact, it is us. A goal I hope to achieve.”

As for how to balance the drama of the script story with the authenticity of the psychologist, Zhu Li said that this is a pulling process, “The screenwriter is responsible for the good-looking stories, and how there are conflicts in the drama, the professional consultant is to correct the bugs that appear in your stories. Some If things are written in full accordance with reality, it will be very dull. I can’t completely restore this state of reality one by one. We will continue to pull, and finally everyone agrees that this is neither too big a bug, but also very beautiful.”

For example, Zhu Li said that there is a plot in the play that the consultant can walk out of the consulting room to solve these problems, “especially when he knows that his client has a very serious problem, for example, a client in our drama has committed suicide. Tendency, in this case, can the consultant go out? According to the principle mentioned above, the consultant cannot go out. Regarding this problem, the consultant teacher and I kept talking, and he also found some people who specialize in crisis intervention to consult. , The result is that you can go out in such a situation, but you first need to notify the police; secondly, when the other party is completely dependent on you and calls you, the consultant can appear on the scene. Our creative process is non-stop Adjust and find a moderate process. This creative process has taught me a lot.”

Another way to make the TV series “Female Psychologist” break the dullness is to create suspense. Zhu Li said: “There must be suspense in the part of the consultation room. Write every psychological case. Every visitor is like a mystery. The person does not necessarily tell the truth in the consultation room. Many people lie there to hide their real problems. Our protagonist, He Dun, has a mystery in itself. She has a big suspense in life that can only be solved in the end. Seeing yourself from the visitor, finding a solution from your own body, and then helping her visitor is such a very benign interactive process.”

However, Zhu Li also emphasized that for “Female Psychologist”, suspense is just a means and a package: “The whole process of solving the case is a suspenseful technique, but the content and theme we want to express are warm. We hope everyone See the authenticity of this profession, observe yourself through other people’s stories, and find your own problems.”

The positioning of the play is heart-warming healing

The ability to choose is the beginning of healing

Zhu Li laughed and said that he would be very happy when he wrote that Jing Boran played Qian Kaiyi, “All of us love this character the most, because he is the warmest and most sun-like character, and he looks like a very’two’ one. Man, you think he comes from a perfect family with no harm at all, but in fact he also has his problems.”

Zhu Li said that the positioning of “Female Psychologist” is heart-warming healing, “Therefore, we want to use the role of Qian Kaiyi to tell everyone that any family and any past may cause your psychological problems, but your life is You can choose by yourself. Qian Kaiyi chose to become the sun, so you can also choose a different life, you can choose a different way to solve problems, this is the beginning of healing. You think you have this Ability to choose, then your life will start to be different.”

Heart-warming healing is also a criterion for selecting cases in “Female Psychologist”. Zhu Li laughed and said that everyone is tired now, and many social news are negative reports. Why bother to watch another TV series like this? “We are very cautious when we create. There are some cases that are too sharp or very dark in human nature. We will discuss whether to write this. Why do we write this? Does it make the audience painful? Can we give the antidote to the audience’s suffering? If you don’t understand the medicine, why should we torture the audience? Life is very difficult, why do you keep working so hard? Everyone has money in his heart, but when will you let him out. When you can feel it When his warmth and his optimism show that you have these things in your heart, we are just reminding you that you should let the money in your heart free, and life needs a little warm and sweet, so that you can survive. 99% of the time when it’s painful.”

In Zhu Li’s view, there are two types of realist themes. One type is the output of the creator’s personal values ​​and concepts, while “Female Psychologist” is another. “I feel that when I was writing “Female Psychologist” , Many characters and many ordinary people use my creations to narrate their stories. As a screenwriter, I retreat to the back. I just write their stories. At this time, you have to put your own opinions as much as possible. And stand out. Psychologists face a lot of people, men, women, young and old, and all social classes, and they encounter various problems, and use their words to express their views. We hope to guide the audience to observe their own hearts , I observed my emotions and started to take a healing path.”

In the process of collecting information, Zhu Li found that the majority of the counselors were women. “In fact, there are many men with psychological problems. They are not willing to contact the counselors. We also told them through this play. Male viewers, don’t avoid psychological counseling because of face or gender stereotypes. If you have any questions, you should talk to a counselor. It will be helpful to you.”

Psychologists are also ordinary people

The most touching part is He Dun’s own growth

“Female Psychologist” finally selected 10 cases of “universal” and “current” mental illnesses such as pleasing personality, bulimia, bipolar disorder, etc., not only focusing on the high school students facing in family and school life The psychological problems of adolescence also involve a large number of other social hot topics, including pleasing personality, bulimia, bipolar disorder and so on. Regarding these cases, Zhu Li revealed that they did a lot of data collection in the early stage, “We will break up all the more prominent issues in these cases and write a new story, mainly about the original family, intimacy, self-growth and self. The relationship between these three parts. We create these cases based on actual story needs, and basically this is how we dealt with them.”

Zhu Li said that in these cases, emotional problems and the original family have a relatively high incidence of psychological problems. “You may find that emotional bloggers are particularly popular because they will have a lot of confusion and problems with emotions and intimacy. In addition, One topic is the native family. In this process, many people will attribute the cause to the native family, thinking that a bad native family will bring you many negative problems, but you have to know that a good native family will also bring many problems to people. So what kind of person you are and what kind of life you want to live is your own choice. You can choose by yourself. No matter where you come from and what kind of problem occurs, you can choose a better way to solve it. Your problem.” Zhu Li said that he liked the views of a consultant very much. “This is also a genre view, which means that there are no absolute mental patients and bad people in this world, but they have chosen to solve themselves in the wrong way. The problem.”

For this reason, Zhu Li said that “The Female Psychologist” touched her the most about the heroine He Dun’s own growth. “Psychologists are not perfect people. We wrote the role of He Dun to tell everyone that psychological counselors are also human beings. In the process of helping others, they are actually constantly recognizing themselves and adjusting themselves. The charm is that she is an ordinary person. When you think of yourself as an ordinary person, you can understand others, help others, see your own problems, and find the power to solve them. Teacher Bi also mentioned in the original work, everyone recognizes His world is his own world, and there is a gap with the real. What is true in this world, what is false, what is right, and what is wrong may be a problem of your perception, maybe you change it Change the angle, and the world will take on a completely different look.”

Dare to position “Female Psychologist” as a professional drama

All screenwriters should pay attention to psychology

The process of creating “Female Psychologist” has benefited Zhu Li a lot. First of all, he learned that psychology has a huge amount of knowledge. “If you pretend that you know it, it is too easy to be scolded. The psychology industry has developed to this day. There are many schools of psychology in this system. I have only been in this field for more than a year. Can I pretend that I am a person who has been in the industry for more than ten years? I definitely can’t.”

It is also out of awe of psychology that Zhu Li said that they dare not position “Female Psychologist” as a professional drama. “When I was writing the script, it was difficult to achieve a very standard professional drama specification. Taking care of the readability of the story, there are some places where the laws of this industry cannot be strictly adhered to one by one. However, I always think that a good professional drama must take both aspects into account. As a screenwriter, I have not yet reached This skill, this is the direction I will practice more in the future.”

For screenwriters who write professional dramas, Zhu Li believes that it is necessary to do a good job survey and collect a lot of data. “In addition, professional dramas have their own special creative methods. People in the industry must be consultants, and this The consultant must not be the contributor, otherwise you can’t be fair. People in the industry drama look for this industry to invest, you have no way to write about the real things in this industry, you must objectively and rationally reflect the people in this industry , Their emotions, their plight, their ideals and pursuits.”

Another impression of Zhu Li’s creation of “Female Psychologist” is that she believes that all screenwriters should pay attention to psychology. “I know that many screenwriters are already paying attention to psychology. Screenwriters describe people’s stories and cannot avoid people. To create a character, you must know where he comes from, who his parents are, what his native family is like, and even what his parents’ native family is like. You only have a complete understanding of This role, you can write like a living person. Many Hollywood dramas are based on psychology. I believe that if many Chinese dramas in the future want to resonate with everyone, they will definitely cut into psychology, The knowledge fields of sociology and anthropology will definitely be used.”

Text/Photo courtesy of our reporter Zhang Jia/Sisi


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