Home Entertainment “Search and Rescue” is urgently scheduled for National Day Donnie Yen’s new film airborne

“Search and Rescue” is urgently scheduled for National Day Donnie Yen’s new film airborne

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“Search and Rescue” is urgently scheduled for National Day Donnie Yen’s new film airborne

Source title: “Search and Rescue” is urgently scheduled for National Day, Donnie Yen’s new film airborne

On September 27, the movie “Search and Rescue” announced that it will be scheduled for National Day and will be released nationwide on October 3. For a commercial film to choose such a large National Day schedule, the official announcement is less than 5 days away from the premiere, which is a sudden move. It is reported that Donnie Yen, who is both the starring and the producer, broke into the National Day file halfway with the new film “Search and Rescue”, and this time brought a touching story of “sacrificing one’s life to save his child” in the “extremely cold and desperate situation”.

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Compared with other National Day films, although the finalization of “Search and Rescue” was late, the finalized materials released were “aggressive”. The film party released two “eye-catching” materials. On the finalized poster, Donnie Yen showed his face in a state of “tragic injury” that he had never seen before, but the many scars could not hide the determination in his eyes. Combined with the words “Sacrificing one’s life to save one’s life, and changing one’s life for life” on the poster, it is not difficult to see ” Search and Rescue, a seemingly disaster-type commercial film, hides the touching story of “father’s love like a mountain”. With the finalization, “Search and Rescue” released the second trailer this time. In this 104-second trailer, through this “menacing” trailer, it is not difficult to see that the movie has passed through blizzards, mountain avalanches, and falling ice. The scenes and plots of the lake and underwater rescue show the “broken feeling” of the father played by Donnie Yen “anxious and collapsed” after losing his son and the “certain feeling” of giving up his life for his family in the last fight. The confidence of the National Day.

The movie “Search and Rescue” is starring and supervised by Donnie Yen, written and directed by Luo Zhiliang, Han Xue, Jia Bing, Tang Xu, Hou Tianlai, Xu Guangyu, Yuan Jinhui, Cai Xin, Lin Chenhan, Hu Ming and other co-stars. The whole group of this film was filmed for two winters in the extremely cold snow-capped mountains, forests and glacial lakes of the Changbai Mountains in the northeast. The real natural environment combined with modern technology brings the audience to the situation of “rescue from desperation”.

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This film is produced by Xinghao Pictures, China Film Co., Ltd., Golden Shield Film and Television Cultural Center of the Ministry of Public Security, Shandong Cultural Tourism Investment Group Co., Ltd., Shandong Cultural Development Investment Fund Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Film Co., Ltd., Shanghai Alibaba Pictures Co., Ltd., Beijing Xinyinglian Film Co., Ltd., and Lingbang Cultural and Creative (Beijing) Co., Ltd. jointly produced. It will be released nationwide on October 3.

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