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second consecutive night full, with Galleguillo’s chaya and the debut of Sabroso

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second consecutive night full, with Galleguillo’s chaya and the debut of Sabroso

Second consecutive night of full house at the José Hernández. Thus, in its second half, the Jesús María National Dressage and Folklore Festival, 2024 edition, finishes overcoming the first days of rain, cancellations and few tickets, and does so with pure festivity and Argentineness.

At 3:30, the event organization reports that 28,850 souls are filling the amphitheater. Early, at 6 p.m. on Saturday the 14th, the sold out was announced.

Gaucha skills and champions of the 2024 riding

Early on, the last round of riding took place to define the champions of this edition. Romario Arce Ferreira, rider in the clean horse category, took the title with a cumulative score of 43.65. He was followed by Juan Vásquez, from Buenos Aires (39.99). Then, San Juan native Axel Sandovares (34.99) was placed.

In the Southern Gurupa category, the first three were: Alejandro Quinteros, from Córdoba (45.64). Héctor Méndez, from Santa Cruz, also the best rider of the day, followed him with 42.32; and the podium was completed with Ernesto Ramos, La Pampa, (39.31).

Jesús María closed his 2024 riding championship.

Meanwhile, the representative of Jesús María next year will be Braian Gómez (native of CABA) who accumulated a score of 49.97 in the Bastos with smooth countertop category. He is followed by Orlando Orozco, from Córdoba, with 48.65 and Facundo López, from San Luis, with 48.31.

As for the best troop of the 2024 festival, La Revoltosa by Oscar Althabe was chosen, with 149 points. And the delegation with the highest accumulated score was that of Buenos Aires (125.58), followed by Córdoba (125.58) and City of Buenos Aires (93.62).

After the closing of the riding championship, there was a field show by the southern Cross Gaucha Company, with music, dance and gauchos and chinas on horseback, with the traditional flag crossing and also tribute to the Creole horse, with representation of the Creole Horse Association.

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Sergio Rojas, one of the outstanding figures of Saturday the 14th

Agustín Fakelmann, Gualicho, and Carlos Ramón Fernández, passed through the Martín Fierro stage on their penultimate day.

At 11:15 p.m. Jorge Rojas arrived, drawing screams from the audience that was waiting expectantly for him. “My gratitude for allowing us to be here once again, in this enormous festival that does so much good for all of us who love our things, our music.”

“We want to propose a trip to you…”, he invited the public and revealed the “condition”: “But you have to surrender. If you feel like singing, sing, if you feel like dancing, dance and if you feel like screaming….” There was no need for him to finish the sentence, the fervent response rose from the dressage field, packed with people.

Rojas began his repertoire with A todo corazón. They also passed No Ties, Companion Guitar, Waving Handkerchiefs, Don’t Go Yet. In La yapa, with his guitar hanging, he joins the couple of dancers who grace his show. He closed with El rey del chamamé.

Jorge Rojas in Jesús María 2024. (The Voice)

Riojan festival: the Galleguillo chaya

Paquito Ocaño chooses as his last song to do a cover of La morocha, a hit by Luck Ra, and thus leaves Galleguillo’s more than party spirit in good stead.

Paquito Ocaño in Jesús María 2024. (La Voz)

Its Riojan chaya festival is one of the most anticipated events of Jesús María every year. There were already disasters in the previous hours, the festival stands sell the bags, and as soon as the first chords sound the public draws a beautiful spectacle in the air of the José Hernández, helped by the lights.

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Unmissable and impossible not to enjoy it.

The public enjoyed the Galleguillo chayera party in Jesús María 2024. (La Voz)

Galleguillo, amid screams from his female fans and cheers from the general public, opens with his quena and En el carnaval. He asks the spectators for flour and basil.

Come back with me, How beautiful La Rioja is, Niña Chay, Volver a Tilcara (only the lyrics change and ask to “return to Jesús María to experience the carnival…”), and Sensual Saya make the audience dance.

But the peak comes with the classic Germán’s truck, around 3 o’clock.

First time of Sabroso and quartet closing on the last Saturday of Jesús María 2024

This year’s festival DJ, Johni Monzón, makes way for Sabroso with a special quartet selection. They sound like classics like Who Has Drinked All the Wine, The Lobster, and others closer but already established as Parallel Universe.

Just after the first minutes of 4 o’clock, Sabroso enters, for the first time at the festival. Wally Mercado intones What’s the point, to boot.

They play classics like Beautiful Idiot and My Way of Loving You, as well as covers of Now You Can Leave, He Needs a Kiss, Now Who, among others.

The quartet party continues after 5. Jesús María is ready to live his last day of summer 2024, which will be followed by the extra night, which promises more than ever.

Sabroso, for the first time at the festival, closed the penultimate night of Jesús María 2024. (La Voz)

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