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Seeing the future in the forest – Xinhua English.news.cn

【Explore the Starry Sky】

Author: Jiang Puying (Director of the Network Literature and Art Development Center of Hunan Federation of Literary and Art Circles)

As an art creator, Shu Yong has been focusing on the research and practice of installation art. In recent years, he has presented a series of installation art that is majestic, inspiring, lofty and warm to the soul to the viewers, providing a new idea for the creation of modern Chinese installation art, and improving people’s awareness and sense of identification with installation art. . Works such as “Golden Bridge on the Silk Road” and “The Boat of Destiny” have witnessed the memory of the development of the times. Not long ago, his installation work “The Beauty of the River and Mountains” was unveiled in Nanmu Village, Zhaoshan Town, Yuetang District, Xiangtan City, Hunan Province, showing people his work. The latest creations and research results.

Jiangshan Duojiao (installation) Shu Yong

“Jiangshan Duojiao” is 3.8 meters high and 18 meters wide. It is made of weathering steel, stainless steel, acrylic and other materials. No material is used to paint the surface. The visual experience it presents is similar to the soil with high iron content in the real environment. It is so close that it makes people feel as if the work has grown naturally from the soil. The five peaks on the front are closely connected, and the five iron walls on the side are each step by step. Every tree on the top of the mountain has a human figure with its limbs stretched out. There are people working on both sides of some trees. There are people in the trees, and there are people in the trees. The works are simple in shape, elegant and free, simple in texture and vivid in charm, reflecting the philosophical thought of the unity of nature and man, and the natural law of Taoism.

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See the future in the forest

Jiangshan Duojiao (installation) Shu Yong

A close-up view of the work shows that the material surface of each tree is inlaid with a mirror surface, which not only reflects the surrounding environment in the installation, making the installation integrated with it, but also allows the audience to see themselves in the mirror surface. The magic is that in a complete tree, the mirror image of the audience is real and natural, while in a broken tree, the audience’s face becomes exaggerated and absurd. Shu Yong said: “From the conceptual level, the reflection of the mirror is also a portrayal of reality, and our care or destruction of nature will be reflected by the mirror.” The entire installation art work is like a huge and hidden mirror, which can let people look at it. Seeing ourselves in the forest, thinking about the human condition in the examination of the environment and ourselves; we can see the future of human beings, we are dependent on nature, the sky is bluer, the mountains are greener, the water is clearer, and human beings have a real future.

“Jiangshan Duojiao” presents completely different appearances during the day and night: under the sun, the work is magnificent and smooth, showing the magnificence of “Three Mountains and Five Mountains”; in the night, the work is rich in layers, looking at the tree canopy from another angle or light, it is easy to see It has become a water surface painted by the Chinese painting “net towel method”. Above the water surface, the blue curve is like a leaf of the boat of life sailing. Li Ge, vice chairman of the China Federation of Literary and Art Circles and chairman of the China Photographers Association, said: “It is extremely difficult to express these two different states in the same work. It is not only necessary for the author to have a profound artistic foundation, but also to Understand the physical and cultural properties of various materials.”

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Shu Yong has been committed to the research of a series of propositions such as “expressing the spirit of tolerance and sharing of Chinese culture with easy-to-understand cultural symbols” and “positive creation of installation art”. , ideological conception, modeling aesthetics and other core elements to carry out research on installation art. Advocating love and planting green and protecting green, “Jiangshan Duojiao” has carried out a directional exploration of installation art creation for this purpose.

How to use modern artistic expression and international language to forge the iconic symbol of ecological culture in the new era? “Duo Jiao” adopts a welding-free connection manufacturing process in the modeling. The streamlined modeling not only has the function of expressing emotions, but also plays the role of dividing and transforming space. The audience activates their senses in the space of continuous refinement, transformation and change, from passive feeling to active perception, and obtains a unique personal experience. The breadth, depth and intensity of the artistic expression of the works have also been comprehensively improved.

When Shu Yong originally designed “Duo Jiao”, he left plenty of room for technological upgrading. A lot of blank space can be installed to install an information platform that senses real-time data such as ambient temperature and humidity, wind direction and speed, the number of people entering the park, and the types of animals and plants. According to the data analysis, the weathering steel above the work can also be changed to green, rust, orange, and red, as a clear sign of the fire rating. The formation of big data through data networking can also provide data support for the construction of ecological civilization.

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“Humans understand the value pursuit of the living environment through symbols, and using this highly symbolic installation to express adherence to the concept of environmental protection and help the construction of a beautiful China will surely inspire deep resonance among the audience and a sustainable public welfare effect.” Wang Lisheng, Dean of the School of Philosophy at the University of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, said.

“Duo Jiao” presents the concept of ecological environmental protection in a modern installation, which not only explores the Chinese paradigm of installation art, but also arouses people’s thinking on ecological environmental protection and re-understanding of human living environment. After the transformation and upgrading, “Jiangshan Duojiao” is also even more exciting.

“Guangming Daily” (August 28, 2022 09 edition)

责编:张悦鑫 ]

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