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Selina’s Boyfriend Runs All Over the Supermarket to Buy Coriander

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Selina’s Boyfriend Runs All Over the Supermarket to Buy Coriander

Original title: Selina’s boyfriend went to the supermarket to buy coriander and made his girlfriend cry

Selina Ren Jiaxuan tears in the studio

Selina Ren Jiaxuan

Sohu Entertainment News On March 24, Selina Ren Jiaxuan talked about the process of being touched by her boyfriend while recording the program, and she was suddenly moved to tears in the studio.

Selina revealed that the other party really did a lot of things that moved her. She shared one of the most heartwarming experiences, which was once inviting the other party to cook dinner at home. Selina herself loves coriander, but it was difficult to buy due to the weather at that time. When she was about to give up looking for this ingredient, her boyfriend was holding a bowl of coriander, which surprised and delighted her. It turned out that her boyfriend went all over the supermarket for this bowl of coriander, and finally bought it after begging the owner of the noodle stall. Selina also cried several times when sharing the process: “This is called the weight of coriander, coriander is very light, but he has a lot of weight in my heart!”

It is reported that Selina officially recognized her love for her 7-year-old fresh meat boyfriend at the beginning of the month, and the two have been in a stable relationship since September last year. Bless Selina!Return to Sohu, see more


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