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Sentry – Sentry – Album Review

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Sentry – Sentry – Album Review

Sentry – Sentry
Origin: USA / Germany
Release: 01.03.2024
Label: High Roller Records
Duration: 54:18
Genre: Heavy Metal

who are Sentry some readers will probably ask themselves. But the solution is simple, because the band consists of the three former ones Manilla Road members Bryan “Hellroadie” Patrick on vocals, bassist Phil Ross and Andreas “Neudi” Neuderth on drums.

After a more than reasonable period of five years after the death of her friend and veteran Mark Shelton the team dares to give a musical sign of life. But nothing will be the same again. That’s why one is the only right step after the dissolution of Manilla Road gone and has the new name Sentry assumed.

In order to complete the structure musically and personally, he was a guitarist Kalli Coldsmithotherwise also at Masters Of Disguise and Abandoned active, brought on board. But Kalli Coldsmith is not just another musician, but he is also the producer and handled the mix.

Heavenly inspiration in advance

If you now know the line-up, you can expect a musical output in the form of epic heavy metal. This was already confirmed last year when a promo EP with the two pieces Heavensent and Black Candles was published in advance. The debut Sentry In addition to the two pieces mentioned, it also contains another six songs as a vinyl version. In addition to having your own creations Sentry to one Candlemass cult number. The cover version of Incarnation Of Evil But it will only be available as a bonus on the CD version of the album.

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Since the musicians live in different countries, the record was partly made in… Call of Coldsmiths Studio and in the studio of Phil Ross recorded in Wichita. But Sentry do not want Manilla Road 2.0 be. On their debut there are no old remnants from the past, only new material from the guitarist Kalli Coldsmith brought in the lion’s share.

From epic metal to thrash elements

As a result, you will find a broader spectrum on the debut than you would simply find on it Manilla Road could break down. Nevertheless, the band’s past is with the opener Dark Matter present and when pounding The Haunting cannot be dismissed out of hand. But epic moments are not all that can be heard, because there are also delicate songs like the captivatingly beautiful one as a contrast Raven’s Night. It wasn’t for nothing Heavensentwhich you HERE you can listen to, already selected for the advance EP. Epic, fragile and energetic moments can be found in the composition and musical implementation.

The broad spectrum has not yet been exhausted with the songs mentioned so far. On Sentry There is also a rousing, almost thrashy sound Awakening. The muscle-flexing epic number called Valkyries (Raise The Hammers) reminded of Eternal Champion. With Black Candles there is a piece of doom carried by the bass, which finally breaks out into an energetic performance. The sound dominated by the bass tends in a similar direction Funeralwhich has been reduced to subtleties and sounds dignified yet powerful.

A final tribute

The term Epic Metal would be too narrow for this album. Sentry lives from the diversity and the ideas, the composition of which always amazes you. Nothing is uniform here musically and even though they were recorded on different continents, the result sounds clearer and better than many old ones Manilla Road Disc.

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Finally have Sentry still the old one Candlemass Track Incarnation Of Evil put their own stamp on it. The new version appears faster and, with a minute and a half longer game length, also has more detail. Nevertheless, you can always recognize the original. Due to the limited playing time on vinyl, this bonus is only included on the CD. Maybe a good reason to buy such a piece of silver again.

What an impressive debut. All on Sentry sounds mature and coherent. Under the banner of Epic Metal, the band offers us many more facets than it seems at first listen. The entire scope of Sentry can only be recorded after several runs. This is a quality feature, because there is already enough music to listen to and put away. 9 / 10

Line Up
Andreas Neuderth – drums
Kalli Coldsmith – guitar
Bryan Patrick – Life
Phil Ross – Bass

01. Dark Matter
02. The Haunting
03. Heavensent
04. Valkyries (Raise The Hammers)
05. Awakening
06. Black Candles
07. Raven’s Night
08. Funeral
09. Incarnation Of Evil (CD Bonus)

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