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Sergio Berni’s hilarious “disco” dance

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Sergio Berni’s hilarious “disco” dance

The former security minister of Kirchnerism, Sergio Berni, starred in a hilarious moment in the last few hours during a relaxed interview in which he referred to the rearming of Peronism with a view to future legislative and presidential elections.

In the middle of the interview, Berni, journalists Tomás Rebord and Juan Ruffo asked him about his musical tastes.

He said he listens to “folklore, tango and marches.” And he highlighted that she “loves” electronic music. “I liked to dance it a lot, you could feel the rhythm pumba, pumba, pumba, I liked the pumba pumba,” she said, surprising the hosts of the streaming program that is broadcast on Blender.

Quick in his reaction, Ruffo invited him to dance to electronic music.

“A thong,” Berni responded, lowering the bet. The talk continued and finally they negotiated an “eighties” dance.

Then, A Little Respect by Erasure began to play in the background.

“It’s a classic,” Berni burst out and the three headed to the floor to dance and ended the sequence with a hug.

The political definitions that Berni left

At another point in the interview, Berni pointed out that the Peronists who think that the libertarian administration does not complete its mandate “do not understand anything.”

“That is where the lack of Peronism in the spaces where we discuss these things reveals to me; Peronism reveals itself in the face of injustice, it seems to me that speculating that this will fall or go badly is stupid. Peronism is intelligent enough and has the cadres, in addition to the experience and doctrine, to put this country on its feet. We will be the government, not when this president falls but when society tells us that we are serious and are convinced that it is the way to go,” Berni developed. “Our responsibility is to prepare to govern and be a credible, reliable and attractive option for a society that stopped believing,” he said.

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In addition, he questioned the crow Andrés Larroque by pointing out: “You cannot drag the governor (Kicillof) to a petty intern to see if there are three ñatos who write in the chat because that’s why they left him out.”

“Trying to create an internal relationship between Cristina and Axel seems totally stupid to me. We have to take care of the governor,” she said bluntly.

Asked by whoever currently leads Peronism, Berni did not hesitate: “Cristina, always.”

“Peronism has to get rid of pejotism. We need to rebuild the representation of the great majorities and, for that, we must embrace their doctrine again,” he expressed.

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