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Seven themed activities of the second Lushan International Love Film Week kick off one after another

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Seven themed activities of the second Lushan International Love Film Week kick off one after another

2021-10-17 09:48:33Source: China News Network

Chinanews.com, Lushan, Jiangxi, October 17 (Reporter Liu Zhankun) The second Lushan International Love Film Week with the theme of “Lushan is in love in this mountain” opened on the evening of the 16th in Lushan, Jiangxi, with the Avenue of Love and themed ceremony. , International Love Movie Lushan Forum, Collective Wedding Ceremony and Love Movie Exhibition and Broadcasting and other seven themed activities have been launched one after another.

At the launching ceremony, Hu Qiang, deputy governor of the Jiangxi Provincial People’s Government, said that he hopes to use this film week as an opportunity to showcase the best language of mankind in Lushan, a place where Chinese and Western cultures meet, pay tribute to the common emotions of the world, and promote Chinese love-themed movies. More high-quality goods; hope that through the star-gathering effect of movie weeks and the dissemination and influence of excellent love movies, open a new window for friends from all walks of life at home and abroad to know Jiangxi and understand Jiangxi, and build cultural exchanges and civilized exchanges between Jiangxi and the rest of the world. A bridge and platform that connects mirrors and people’s hearts.

Yang Wenbin, deputy secretary of the Jiujiang Municipal Party Committee and Acting Mayor of Jiangxi Jiujiang, said that film is the main mode of cultural dissemination, which can span time and space and connect the soul, which is unmatched by other literary and artistic carriers. I sincerely hope that everyone will continue to launch more love movies with Lushan elements, and jointly build Lushan into a big platform for love film exchanges, a weather vane in the love film market, and promote Lushan to become a new landmark of Chinese love movies.

The film “Love in Lushan”, filmed in 1980, opened the precedent of Chinese love movies with the “first kiss” on the silver screen. It left a sample of the times for China in the early stage of reform and opening up, and created many records in Chinese movies. Won the reputation of the holy mountain of love. At present, the film has been shown in Lushan for 41 years, setting the Guinness World Record for “the longest continuous screening time in the same theater in the world”.

Director Yu Dong said that the release of “Lushan Love” has not only made Lushan a mountain of romance and love that the world yearns for, but also created a model style of deep integration and mutual promotion between film art and world-famous mountains. Today, the gathering of filmmakers in Lushan is undoubtedly the best inheritance of outstanding Chinese films.

As one of the image ambassadors of this film week, Guo Xiaodong spoke as an actor representative. He said that love, like acting, is something to take a lifetime to take seriously. Love is one of the most beautiful emotions in the world. A good love movie can not only bring the enjoyment of beauty to the audience, but also the enlightenment of love. I hope to make a love movie in Lushan, and I suggest to all directors and producers: To make a love movie, you must go to Lushan.

After the kick-off ceremony, a star-lit love ceremony kicked off. Based on the “time love” in the movie, the party is divided into four chapters: the former alliance of wood and stone, the love of the beacon, the era of Fanghua, and the master of love. From “classical love” to “revolutionary love” in movies, from “parental love” to “contemporary love”, love travels through time, connecting the past and the present, writing romantic legends of love movies and beautiful Kuanglu.

According to reports, this year’s film week starts on October 16th and ends on October 22nd, lasting seven days. During the film week, famous directors, screenwriters, actors, producers, and film critics in the industry will discuss the topic of the development of Chinese romantic movies, exchange and share the creative ideas and experience of love movies; classic love movie songs will be reviewed in concert The most classic love movie songs of all ages evoke the best memories in the hearts of visitors; theaters in many places and Jiangxi Satellite TV will also show and broadcast classic love movies at home and abroad.


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